Friday, October 19, 2007

She's here!

The baby, that is. No, not my baby before all of you jump to your cell phones and call to make sure I really didn't have a baby. This is my landlord family's baby. Long-awaited and it's finally starting to hit me that she's here. So far so good. She's been sleeping since she got home from the hospital. Not a peep.

It dawned on me too that I never realized just how tiny day-old babies really are. I've never been around a day-old baby! But she's so cute! Almost makes me want one of my own. Keyword: ALMOST.

Things are about to get interesting around here, I'm sure. I'm apart of an interesting dynamic living here but not not really being here. I know I'm just renting a room, but I also can't help but share the joy of a new family member. I'm really over-aware of my presence at all times and tried not to overstay my welcome when oggling over Baby Girl.

I do want to show interest though. It's a common space and I have to seem human. Man do I over think these things too much.

To top off the baby mess, our sink decided to stop functioning. I walk into the kitchen yesterday and THERE IS NO SINK. Surreal. Just surreal. Nothing. Geez. And, I have to work on Saturday. FUN STUFF.
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