Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ten Things That Make Me Smile

1. Designing Women on DVD (seasons 1-4)

2. A hot shower after a long day

3. A hot yoga class (god it’s been too long)

4. A glass of wine

5. Chocolate

6. Smiling children

7. My clean apartment

8. Sex and the City re-runs

9. My bed when I’m tired after a long day

10. A fireplace on a cold evening

I’ve been thinking way to negatively lately, so I thought I’d turn it around and put out some positive thoughts here.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Need Some Positive Vibes Sent My Way

I've been way too negative as of late. So I've decided to take the "list one thing that made me happy today" approach to life. Because some days, that's just what one has to do to get through the day.

So here's my one thing: After missing her on g-repeatedly for a two-week span, I finally caught Emily online for forty minutes in between English Festival acts today. It felt great to catch up with a good friend after such a long time...and yes, two weeks without chatting is a long time. It's the little things that get you through this crazy Korea life.

And it's sad, but another thing that made me happy today is the fact that after over a month of repeating the same stories and interviews and drama scripts with kids, I can finally chuck it all in the garb-age and put it all behind me. It might have sucked folks, but ENGLISH FESTIVAL is FINALLY OVER. Maybe now I'll be in a better mood at work. Kids did well, and it's nice to step back and see the whole picture once in a while. I did catch myself thinking at one point, yes, these songs suck, but it's really awesome that kids this age have access to doing all of this in a second language, and felt a little proud to be a part of it.

I guess I have nothing else to say, just that I like to ramble, and I'm going to sign off before I do too much more of it. So much for blogging about things that matter.

Oh, and I did find a home for the rabbit I was fostering for most of my time in Korea. He went to a nice girl who has always wanted to own a rabbit and just moved to Korea. She seemed really eager to take him and I'm relieved I don't have to panic when my contract does end to find a home for him last minute. I loved owning the rabbit, but hated cleaning up after it, and of course, my situation is less than permanent. Maybe one day I'll actually live my dream of owning a few cats. Gosh I'm so old...LOL. Signing off. Leave comments.

Good God I'm Bad at Updating this Thing

It's not that I'm bad at updating; it's just that I don't have a whole lot of substantial things happen to me that merits updating. I promised my friends and family at home that I'd keep a blog of my Korea adventures. I knew it would be exciting. Honestly though, eight months in, I'm getting bogged down in daily routines, schedules, work, and more work. Not that any of that makes for even a remotely interesting post. I promise a more interesting post soon, and I'm a little anxious to deliver. But I just can't bring myself to do any of that.

What can I say? I've just been really consumed in work lately and I can't say that I'm really that good at it. I've lost the mindfulness that good teaching requires. That's what Korea will do to you I suppose. Just get it done. I'm almost "over" it. I suppose that is what eight months of it will do to you.

For those that have traveled and taught abroad, how do you keep that sense of energy and passion you had at the very beginning? How do you keep going? I have found a decent outside of work network of things to do and see, but I just can't seem to break over that that hump. Could it be that I am just "over" Korea? Is there such a thing?

Or am I just whining too much...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another one where I answer some questions...

Saturday 9: Closer to Home

1. Where did you grow up? Where do you consider home?

A little town called Decatur, southeast of Atlanta, GA.

2. If you could paint your car any color with no loss in value, what color would it be?

Either Lilac purple or lime green, LOL

3. What do you think comes after death?

Not really sure. Probably nothing but the ground as far as I'm concerned, but I'd like to believe there is more...

4. Name a TV show that should NOT be renewed for another season.

As much as it pains me to say it, GLEE should quit while it's ahead...

5. If you could have a free subscription to any online service, which would you like to have?

Hmmmm....I loved Netflix when I was living in the a free year of Netflix would be AWESOME!

6. Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now?

Ha! I'm 29 as of last Thursday, and when I was younger I did think I'd be in a MUCH different place by now. But no regrets. I'm happy with all that has happened in my life and the choices I have made...

7. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a doctor...

8. If you were to suddenly become famous, and were forced to change names, what would you choose as your stage name?

This one will take some thought...give it a few days...

9. What is the first book that you can remember reading by yourself as a child?

ALL OF THE RAMONA BOOKS!!! (They were awesome!)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Amazing YouTube Video

I saw this once before on the web and saw it again on Postsecret tonight and had to repost. Awesomeness. Aloneness.

Jeju Island, South Korea





Just some photos from the Christmas vacation...
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Trick Art Museum in Jeju, South Korea


This is the first place they took us on our tour of Jeju Island, South Korea. A lot of the hiking we had planned to do was closed due to snow, so they hook us up with these touristy trappy places. Quote of the afternoon: "Why is there a rainbow zebra standing in the snow?" "Becuase you're in Korea." Laughter ensues. Maybe you had to be there. :)
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Jeju Island, South Korea

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