Sunday, April 12, 2015

Grad school news

In other news, I made it into Georgia State's Applied Linguistics program, and they're hopefully going to pay for half of this. If all goes well I should be teaching ESL at a University of my choosing in less than 2 years. :)

More running news

I ran another 10K race yesterday, and will run one again next Saturday. I have to find someway to get some miles in this week. Even if its just a few. But I did do slightly better (by 20 seconds) this year than I did for 10K last year. My 10K time is now 1:17:40 instead of 1:18:04. I'll take it. This is mostly due to my Korean lady friend running me in to the corral and encouraging me on the last .02 miles. I love her. I signed up to do a 10K training program in May/June for the big Peachtree Road Race in July. Hopefully that will bring my time down a little more. I just want to get to the point where I can sustain an eleven minute mile for 6.2 miles. Is that too much to ask? Currently I'm averaging a 12:02/min/mile pace when I do that distance. Maybe even 11:30 min/mile I will take. What have your fitness goals been lately?

Monday, April 6, 2015


I am not intending to make a political statement with this post. I really am not. I'm simply commenting on the  state of things. So I did my taxes. I qualify (for the second time in my adult life) for food assistance based on my return. I simply made bare minimum and for the first time paid self employment taxes. So my friendly Community Assistance Center in Sandy Springs (they did my taxes for free!) said that they would help me fill out paperwork to use their pantry. I figured it would be nice to stock up on staples (beans, eggs, soups, etc.) I haven't finished the process and will go back tomorrow (what a way to spend spring break, I know!) but peeked into the pantry and saw nothing but bread. Day old bread from grocery stores. I didn't get a full look into the pantry and will tomorrow, but if bread is the only thing I have to choose from this beggar will become a chooser. In our culture it is no longer appropriate to eat like the hunter gatherers we no longer are. I'm not filling up on almost empty calorie bread that will send my blood sugar to spike and make me eat more later....I've simply learned too much about nutrition to do that to my body. I wondered why obesity and diabetes were so rampant in the south...or in my I'm starting to get an idea. Is this they way it is at all Community Assistance Centers? In Minnesota when I was working for $800/month doing service I was given and EBT card and access to the produce section of Cub Foods. I don't understand....