Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can you believe that there was a time I wrote this much?

This is another one of the posts where I take a look back to NCCC. This is actually getting quite fun to do, believe it or not.


I suppose everyone needs a lazy day now and then. That's exactly what today was. And it did feel good. No PT, no ISP, no any other useless acronym loved by our wonderful federal government. We are now in Waveland, MS enjoying a few days off. A bunch of us are going to a block party in Bay St. Louis tonight, and they are ready to go now, so I am going to sign off for now and complete the entry later...


So our team has arrived in Waveland, Mississippi and has enjoyed a weekend off settling into our Quanset huts and cots, going to the "block party" in Bay St. Louis, and seeing Taladega Nights today and going to the bookstore. I think we are eagerly awaiting our first day of work at Harrison County Long Term Recovery Committee for our orientation tomorrow. I don't know how I feel about office work either. Half of me says I'd rather be doing the physical labor work that so desperately needs to be done down here, but the other half of me says that I'm smart to be avoiding the heat and if there really is work that needs to be done in this office than maybe we are the people that need to be doing it. And it did occur to me recently that it might be nice to "hide behind a computer" and appease my introverted side for a few weeks.

I'm trying to tell myself so frequently to take days one at a time and soak up every moment possible from that day. I might come out with some pretty sweet skills at the end of this (volunteer management, data entry, office database stuff, etc.) but I can't let me get ahead of myself. There is so much to absorb her, starting with our drive to our housing on Friday (our month anniversary as a team, btw, of which we celebrated with a gov't.-funded dinner at the local Chinese buffet, yum!)

But driving to our housing we continued on the road we turned onto after turning of I-10 until said road (I can't remember the name now) come to a T-end with a road running parallel alongside a beach. the beach is unswimmable due to debris in the water, a sign warns. I don't really see the debris from the a car, though. we drive a few mils along the beach before turning right at a church (or what used to be a church but is now a quanset hut not unlike the ones that comprise our current living/dining quarters for the month.)

A sign reads "Katrina was big but GOD is bigger." Running along the beach today (Sunday morning) I marveled at the traffic coming to and from the hut that makes the sanctuary of the church. It's still going strong, with no physical permanent structure, almost a year after the Great Storm. The "camp" we're staying is called "Camp Sunshine" and was created as classrooms to the church, but the church is letting AmeriCorps members use them for the time we are here. They feel like tents, w/air conditioning, and I am slowly getting used to the cots. I had to assemble cot #2 after the first night of squeaking and almost impaling myself on one of the springs.

Cot #2 is much sturdier and w/the matress pad it's rally not much worse than the tent beds at camp that I slept in for 6-weeks running during any given summer. Good Stuff. I just can't move much while I sleep. I'll learn to adjust. I actually like it a lot BECAUSE it reminds me of camp. No e-mail or cell phone to worry about, clothes sprawled out beside my cot and only my book and journal and letter-writing stuff to worry about. It's great. I just hope our work matches up and is equally fulfilling.

I find myself getting into moments where I have to stop and think "who knew last year that in a year I'd see myself living in a 15-passenger van w/10 other people having amazing experiences helping fix whatever ails the country?" and then I have to pinch myself for fear of this all being a dream. But it's not, and so I have to stop and admit that this is the happiest I've been in a year. No matter how nervous I am or can get around my teammates, I really can't ask for a better opportunity. So I am about to embark upon 9 more months. Of learning. Of fun. Of happiness and responsibility. Of wonder. Those are some hefty expectations.

This is my journal. This is my journey. I don't know where this journey will lead, but I'm going to let my gut lead me, metaphorically. This is my journey...I'm excited!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Love my life

I just figured out that yes, I did take the wrong Praxis, and no, it's not offered in August, ANYWHERE!!!

Well damn.

Looks like another year of being an assistant to the assistant for me.

Early Childhood does not equal Elementary K-6 in Minnesota, FYI. (It doesn't anywhere else but I think Georgia would have been a little more flexible here and let the test count.)

September 12 is the new test date.

I do have a contact person on my side at MNDOE.

This is STILL my year. It HAS to be. Positivity, people.

Friday, July 24, 2009

More Walking Down a Lane Called "Memory"

10:35 pm

I realize it has been almost a week since I last sat down to journal, but so much has happened in the past week and I've loved every minute of it, honestly. OK, maybe not all of it, but I'm feeling very sentimental and mushy now facing the end of our team's first official spike project in Florida. I sit and write this tonight from the couch (my bed) in our modular home (trailer) in the middle of fu&$ing no where (somewhere between Tallahassee and Crawfordsville, FL.) I loved every moment of hiking the Florida Natural Scenic Trail w/Paint Gallon in hand, re-blazing and lopping branches, sweat pouring out from places on my body I never would have thought sweat could come from. Abby sits on her couch across the room crocheting, trying desperately to get her stitches even, she just informed me that her scarf beginning is straight as a board. (I really do love that kid.) Kenny sits in the armchair reading the DaVinci Code, and nNathan is on the other side of the couch reading Conan O'Brien's Commencement Speech that Joey printed from the Internet this evening while in town, while drinking Dr. Pepper, of course. The others are packing furiously getting ready to embark on our big trip to Mississippi. We are getting to be one big family. we all come to collapse in the family room after a long day of trail work (building a boardwalk and maintaining trails.) We cook for each other, make sure we aren't in each other's personal space, we're starting to look out for each other, and encourage each other to get up off our asses Mon. and Wed. afternoons for our required hours of PT. Do you know how hard it is to do an hour of running/strength-training/soccer at 5pm after 6 hours of trail work/construction in the Florida summer heat? I keep saying it's good for me! It'll make me stronger! I hope I'm right.

Galvanized nails are hard (as nails--haha!) to nail into a 2x8 piece of plywood. I kept bending them, but on the second day I got the hang of it and nailed in 4 in a row with no problem at all. Sweet! Made me feel mreally good about things/life in general. Our spike site was an hour drive from our worksite, so that was a pain, but it did help us get a feel for what we're in this program for. On the way back from the laundry mat tonight I had a thought and I was startled by the fact tha for a year I will basically be living out of a red bag and and a van traveling the U.S. helping people who need help the most and I got very humble all of sudden, thinking to myself how lucky I am to be apart of such an amazing cause. Looking forward to Waveland tomorrow. Goodnight!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More walks down memory lane...

In honor of my third anniversary of NCCC, I am posting more of my journal entries from that year. I sent this out to my team as a reminder, and it's amazing how much I've changed since then. Also, I really appreciate how others on the team (Thanks, Jill) have responded with their own journal entries from that period and how stunningly similar we all seemed, though we seemed so different back then. Perspective is a powerful tool.

Tonight's segment brought to you by PROZAC. Can you tell that I was in desperate need of some upon writing these?

8/2/06 11:50pm

CTI is drawing to a close and still so much to do, I feel almost overwhelmed. I do feel much close to my teammates but I feel like I will continue to grow closer still. Silver 7 is such an amazing mix of personalities. I'm sure we will all learn just as much from each other as we will from the people we will be serving. Spike trips have been moved until Monday due to Hurricane Chris and we're all pretty bummed about it, just because we are so freakin' excited about actually going somewhere and doing a real live project. We're scheduled to spend a week in Tallahassee with the Florida Trails Association building trails and then six weeks in Biloxi (living in Waveland) doing disaster relief volunteer management with the Harrison County long-term recovery committee. Don't really know what we are doing, but I"m sure we will find out soon enough. It will just be really hard to remain calm while "going with the flow." Gave blood today, and will attempt to run the Ameri-5K tomorrow. We'll see about that. I really wanted to give though.

8/4/06 12:50am

In the third floor lounges of 669 watching THE SANDLOT before getting up early to leave for Florida at 7am. Bringing back wicked good memories and bad memories. Such a great and under appreciated movie, I think. I volunteered to drive first tomorrow, don't ask me why. Spent today at Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach Center sorting clothes in the donation room for 8 hours (good ISP start, I'd say.) I'm still working on asserting my true identity without committing any verbal assaults. I made a comment about sorority slut barbie today upon seeing a particularly scanty tank top/skirt outfit and I don't think Jill appreciated it. I felt really bad about it, but it is something I am really used to doing at UGA with Emily and Alisha and Danielle. It makes me slightly homesick to realize that I can't make my normal jokes. It really is in good, clean fun, and I had forgotten Jill telling me she was in a sorority but the moment I made the comment I instantly regretted it. I didn't say anything after she told me it wasn't fair, and that was the end of that. where was the sense of humor? I miss my friends at home who honestly would have laughed at that comment and realized the absurd reality that is the Greek world. Here no one understands me, and I don't really understand my teammates. But, the important thing is we are trying. We're dancing around each other, but we are TRYING to become closer. WE are about to subject ourselves to a 9+ hour van ride in a 15-passenger van. We have to try if we don't want to make ourselves miserable. I'm frustrated at myself for not being as good, smart, witty, etc. as any of them, but I can't let them know. It will only make things worse between us. So I hold it all inside, how bitter at the world I feel, how rejected I feel, but I won't let them know...


Friday, July 17, 2009

Found this bloglurking the nets this afternoon

And what can be better than Neil Patrick Harris and Les Mis. Seriously.

Cool song

I discovered this song while watching SCRUBS today, and immediately fell a little bit more in love...even though I'm not a fan of the band. I'm not sure how I feel about the music video, but the song is catchy and might get added to my iTunes playlists. Yay good music!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I've visited and/or lived in 39 states!!!

Put an X by the states you have been to. The average is 8; how do you match up?

(I have a hard time believing the average is only 8 states for Americans, but whatever...does anyone have hard, cold data on this?)

Should you chose to play, here's what you do:

Copy my note. Click on “notes” under tabs on your profile page. Select "write a new note" in the top right corner. (Or copy and paste into your blog, however you chose to correspond...)

Paste the copy in the body of the note. Delete my Xs and add your own. Change the number at the top, and add your title. Once you've saved, don't forget to tag friends (including me) on the right. Tag the same # of people as the # of states you've been to (I think you're limited to 30!).
Just for fun, put an O beside the states where you have lived.

If you have time, it would be fun to write notes, tagging a history of your life. (But I'm not guaranteeing anything special!)

Airports don't count!

Alabama - X
Alaska -
Arizona - X O
Arkansas -
California - X O
Colorado - X
Connecticut - X
Delaware - X
Florida - X O (if summers count as living, I did live with grandparents for three months at a time)
Georgia - X 0
Hawaii -
Idaho -
Illinois - X
Indiana - X
Iowa - X
Kansas - X
Kentucky - X
Louisiana - X O (Thanks NCCC!)
Maine -
Maryland - X
Massachusetts - X
Michigan -
Minnesota - X O (Live there now, thank you very much)
Mississippi -X O (Again, thanks NCCC)
Missouri - X
Montana - X
Nebraska -X
Nevada - X
New Hampshire - X
New Jersey - X
New Mexico - X
New York - X
North Carolina - X
North Dakota - X
Ohio -
Oklahoma - X
Oregon -
Pennsylvania - X
Rhode Island - X
South Carolina - X O (Thanks, NCCC!)
South Dakota -
Tennessee - X
Texas -
Utah - X
Vermont - X
Virginia - X
West Virginia - X
Wisconsin - X
Wyoming - X


Saturday, July 11, 2009

This song seems to sum it all up right now

"A Place In This World"
Taylor Swift

I don't know what I want, so don't ask me
Cause I'm still trying to figure it out
Don't know what's down this road, I'm just walking
Trying to see through the rain coming down
Even though I'm not the only one
Who feels the way I do

I'm alone, on my own, and that's all I know
I'll be strong, I'll be wrong, oh but life goes on
I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in
This world

Got the radio on, my old blue jeans
And I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve
Feeling lucky today, got the sunshine
Could you tell me what more do I need
And tomorrow's just a mystery, oh yeah
But that's ok

I'm alone, on my own, and that's all I know
I'll be strong, I'll be wrong, oh but life goes on
I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in
This world

Maybe I'm just a girl on a mission
But I'm ready to fly

I'm alone, on my own, and that's all I know
I'll be strong, I'll be wrong, oh but life goes on
I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in
This world

Yes, I suffer from "I'm Not That Girl" syndrome and I'm not afraid to admit it

Yes, I'm a little obsessed with Taylor Swift at the moment.
Yes, this song sums up the "I'm-Not-That-Girl-Ugly-Duckling-Want-To-Be-A-Swan" feeling that so many of you readers identify with so well. (Even if you're not quite that open with it yet.) That's OK.

Just putting it out there.

What do you think?

P.S. I love that she's a band geek. I just wish she played something other than clarinet. All the cool kids played clarinet. Flutes rule. Clarinets drool. Am I bitter? Of course not!

Great break-up song!

I've really started to appreciate the talent that Taylor Swift has contributed to the music world, even though she is only 18 years old. I particularly like this song, because, well, it fits my bitterness as of late.

Finished one task, on to the next

OK: I managed to work up the courage (and motivation) to finish the MNDOE letter, but now I have to do at least two cover letters for jobs I want, and work on my project, as well as e-mail the teacher I'm going to do practicum hours with starting the 20th of July. All on a beautiful Saturday too! Hopefully I can get outside for some of it!

Here are the jobs I'm applying to:

Program Coordinator

ORGANIZATION: The Loft Literary Center
CATEGORY: Arts and Culture

The mission of the Loft Literary Center is to support the artistic development of writers, to foster a writing community, and to build an audience for literature. The Loft is renowned for the quality of its programming and its service to the community. Loft staff enjoy a flexible and enjoyable workplace, health and other benefits, and the company of dedicated and creative colleagues. This year, the Loft was awarded the 2009 American Psychological Association’s “Best Practices” Award which recognizes the Loft’s “innovative workplace practice that fosters work-life balance.”

JOB TITLE: Program Coordinator
LOCATION: Twin Cities Metro

SALARY: $16.50 TYPE: Part Time / 20 hours DEADLINE: 7/27/09

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Coordinate all aspects of inkTank, the Loft’s teen council. inkTANK is designed to encourage and empower high school students to use literary tools to express themselves. inkTANK council members:

 Typically meet at least twice monthly as a group and occasionally one on one during the course of the academic year at the Loft Literary Center
 Design literary programming and shape the present and future of inkTANK activities
 Engage the teen community in literary events
 Develop a close working relationship with a mentor in their chosen genre to develop their own literary skills
 Attend 10-15 literary events over the course of an academic year
 Learn to be future leaders and participants in the thriving and ever changing literary community that is the Twin Cities.

In addition to inkTank, the PROGRAM COORDINATOR will support the program team, and work in collaboration with the Education Department to provide feedback and ideas for open enrollment classes for teens.

HOURS: This is a half-time position requiring evening and weekend work. The schedule for this position will vary week to week.

The successful candidate will have substantial experience in - and commitment to – working collaboratively with youth, along with experience and/or interest in contemporary and young adult literature, as well as new media and technologies. Teaching experience is preferred. Candidate must have experience with standard office software, and must be comfortable working with a wide variety of constituents: teens, parents and guardians, literary artists, education professionals, and the M.F.A. students who serve as mentors for inkTank council members. The ability to work well under pressure and a sense of ease and humor are essential. An Associate and/or Bachelor's degree is required. A criminal background check will be required.

JOB BEGINS: Mid-August (a total of 20 hours of training with current program coordinator during month of August, regular schedule begins September 1).

Email submissions only. Please send a letter of interest noting skills and background suited to the position, your resume, plus contact information for three references to Jerod Santek at Required materials must be submitted no later than 12:00 p.m., Monday, July 27.
This job was posted on 7/10/2009. Please carefully follow the instructions under “How to Apply” when submitting applications for this position. Minnesota Council of Nonprofits operates this Job Board as a service to nonprofits and jobseekers.


Program Assistant

ORGANIZATION: East Side Learning Center
CATEGORY: Education

The East Side Learning Center (ESLC), located in St. Paul, MN, is a year-round, non-sectarian, one-on-one tutoring program in reading for children in grades K-4 who are below level in reading and do not have the resources to get help elsewhere. The goals of this program are to (1) help children who are below grade-level in reading reach their appropriate level no later than the end of fourth grade, (2) empower them to be successful in school and society, and 3) train parents in basic “teaching of reading” techniques they can use with their children at home.

JOB TITLE: Program Assistant
LOCATION: Twin Cities Metro

SALARY: 26,000-27,000 TYPE: Full Time / 40 hours DEADLINE: 7/24/2009

Prepare quality lesson plans for volunteer tutors, be a master tutor grades K-4, collaborate with Site Coordinator in daily operation of a site, assist in training volunteers, monitor implementation of the parent component, and be physically able to walk steps and long distances in the school.

MN Elementary teaching license or equivalent experience, skilled in teaching primary reading, extremely organized, strong relational skills, self-directed, skilled in written and verbal communication, flexible, skilled in prioritizing and organizing work and activities to meet deadlines, able to promote collaboration. Bi-lingual beneficial.

This is a 40-hour/week, 9-month position (September 2009 through May 2010).

Email cover letter and resume to
This job was posted on 6/24/2009. Please carefully follow the instructions under “How to Apply” when submitting applications for this position. Minnesota Council of Nonprofits operates this Job Board as a service to nonprofits and jobseekers.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My letter to MNDOE

It needs help right now, but with a little work, it will be up and running in no time. This is to prove that my service year actually did meet the blasted Human Relations requirement for the state licensing board and I can finally be certified to teach in this state.

July 7, 2009

Dear Licensing Board,

I am writing to inform you about the program with which [full name] served to complete her term with AmeriCorps and also to inform you of its potential match with the Human Relations component for Minnesota Teaching Licensure. The program that [full name] completed was called City of Lakes AmeriCorps and it is a partnership between Minneapolis Public Schools, Minneapolis Community Education, and other local community organizations.

The Minnesota Human Relations requirement, a state mandate, was certainly fulfilled in the process of Jennifer completing her term of service with the City of Lakes AmeriCorps program.

First, City of Lakes AmeriCorps requires all of its members to understand the contributions and lifestyles of the various racial, cultural and economic groups in our society. Jennifer completed over 1700 hours of service tutoring and mentoring students during the day, and facilitating after school activities at Nellie Stone Johnson community school in a culturally diverse and urban region of north Minneapolis. Jennifer served students on her caseload from a variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds including but not limited to students in the African American and Hmong communities of north Minneapolis. Much of Jennifer’s time was spent preparing lessons and teaching English language learners with the reading and writing workshop approach to literacy instruction. Jennifer also spent her time tutoring third-fifth-grade students performing significantly below grade level in both reading and mathematics.

Second, City of Lakes AmeriCorps requires members to recognize and deal with dehumanizing biases, discrimination, and prejudices that face students enrolled in Minneapolis Public Schools. The students of Nellie Stone Johnson were undoubtedly faced with biases and prejudices daily simply because of their family’s race and socioeconomic status. Many students on Jennifer’s caseload lacked the family support needed to succeed in school. Much of Jennifer’s duties during her term of service required her to remove biases she possessed about students living in poverty in order to best motivate students to succeed with their coursework.

Third, the City of Lakes AmeriCorps program requires all of its members to create learning environments that contribute to the self-esteem of all persons and to positive interpersonal relations while respecting human diversity and personal rights. Jennifer completed this requirement by establishing a positive rapport with three students assigned to her fifth-grade guided reading group. Although these students were reading three grade levels below their own in reading, Jennifer sought books for these students that were of high interest and adequate reading level to motivate them when their self-esteem slumped because of their achievement level. Combating student’s low expectations for themselves was a daily task, but with a few reminders, her students jumped a grade level in reading by the end of the year and were much more positive about what they could achieve in their academic and personal futures.

Finally, the City of Lakes AmeriCorps program requires members to study the American Indian language, history, government, and culture by participating in a service project in conjunction with the Ojibwe Indian Tribe in Red Lake, Minnesota.

What suggestions can you make?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Slightly ashamed to admit this in public domain

But, yes, folks, I did it
I did the unthinkable
I built a bear
At the Build-A-Bear workshop

My bear is adorable
Only one problem though
My bear needs a name
It's dark brown, very soft and cuddly, with light purple bows on the ears

I'm toying with several names
But need the input of my faithful readers
To help me decide
Which one is best

Baby bear Violet?

I don't really like any of those, but this bear will be the new mascot for my apartment, which we refer to as the CrapShack, so it has to fit.

I need help!

I guess I'm doomed in the love department, according to my favorite five-year-old

So we are on the bus to build-a-bear workshop today and the subject of weddings comes up. Annette (another young staff member) mentions that she's going to give her bear to her flower girl in her wedding and Lucy eyes her with approval. Lucy is my favorite five-year-old, and we've been having an ongoing war over where she gets to bury my shoes on the Burroughs playground. I mention, within Lucy's earshot, that Annette's idea is a great one, and this leads Lucy to innocently ask the question dreaded by all single staff that work with young children. I believe the conversation followed in the following way:

Lucy: Ms. J, are you married?

(chuckling) No, not for a while, thank goodness.

Oh. (pauses, clearly taking this information in for further processing, then) Ms. J, do you have a boyfriend then?

Me: (laughing harder) No, Lucy, I don't have a boyfriend. (laughs like a teacher, you know the difference between teacher laughing and real laughing)

Lucy: Of course you don't. Because no one is going to love you if you have sand in your shoes.

Me: (uncontrollably laughing at this point, and rather speechless, thinking to myself "you've got it all figured out kid") but I manage to spit out a "is that so" and move on.

Some kids just have it all figured out. And, I must say, it was rather astute of her to put together the events of several days, with the shoe events taking place over the course of the week, to wrap them all up in one neat and tidy little package. What a kid, right?

Ok, now it's your turn. Spill it readers. What is the funniest thing a child has ever said to you? I want to hear good ones!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I enjoy being a girl (cute video, if you forget about feminist theory for a bit.)

This is one of those posts where I do another annoying survey thingy.

I only do these because I love all of my lovely and talented readers, and I'm trying to procrastinate doing my project proposal final copy, and I can't sleep. Enjoy!

1. What was the highlight of your week?
Taking a riverboat down the Mississippi River with 51 south Minneapolis kids was pretty darn neat!

2. Whose car were you in last?
My own Mazda Protege, it's fabulous.

3. When is the next time you will kiss someone?
Uh? Who ever knows the answer to this? Hopefully soon...hopefully someone I care about.

4. What color shirt are you wearing?
It's gray. Yes, it's an AmeriCorps shirt.

5. How long is your hair?
Just past my ears, and long enough to pull back into a pony tail.

6. Are you good looking?
It depends on my mood. Right now, not so much.

7. Last movie you watched?
13 Conversations About the Same Thing

8. Who were you with?
Me, myself, and I (and my couch.)

9. Last thing you ate?
A handful of red seedless grapes (yum!)

10. Last thing you drank?

11. When was the last time you had your heart broken?
Let's not talk about this right now.

12. Who came over last?
Sathiya came over a couple of weekends ago, and she needs to come over again!

13. Are you happy right now?
I'd say I am happy enough.

14. What did you say last?
Kids rock. Especially the hyper-observant and obnoxiously vocal ones.

15. Where is your phone?
On my nightstand, acting as my alarm clock

16. What color are your eyes?

17. Are you left-handed?

18. Spell your name without vowels:

19. Do you have any pets?
Too expensive

20. Favorite Vacation?
Cedar Key, Florida

21. What do you dislike currently?
The inequality I see between North and South Minneapolis. The fact that kids in South Minneapolis are given so much and they don't even realize it!

22. What are you listening to?
Traffic on Lexington Ave. and my typing.

23. If you could have one thing right now what would it be?

24. What is your favorite scent?
Freshly cut grass and the smell right before it rains. And that smell that comes right after you take your clothes out of the dryer.

25. Who makes you happiest?
Getting things done that needed to be done two weeks ago.

26. What were you doing at midnight last night?
Reading THE WEDNESDAY WARS for my final Hamline Reading License class project

27. When is your birthday?
January 6

28. Who has the same phone as you?
I know one of my former students does, he's told me that. And my mother and father and brother all have the same phone, as we are on a family plan.

29. Last time you went swimming in a pool?
Over a year ago.

30. Do you read your horoscope?
Occasionally if I'm bored online.

31. Where was the last place you bought something?
SuperAmerica next door to my apartment, I bought a Diet Coke before work.

32. How do you feel about your hair right now?
It's decidedly low maintenance and I like it.

33. Do you bite your nails?
More than I care to admit to.

34. Do you have any expensive jewelery?
Not at all.

35. Do you have any expensive jewelery?

36. Myspace or facebook?
Facebook all the way.

37. How fast have you driven a car?
I got a speeding ticket at 85 in in a 65. That's as fast as I've ever gone.

38. Have you ever smoked?

39. What was or is your favorite subject in school?

40. Do you have Verizon?

41. What type of boy or girl do you usually fall for?
The smart boy all the way.

42. Do you have any hidden talents?
Not really.

43. Favorite Song?
Right now it's "Oh What A Night" from Jersey Boys, in French, and "Nothing" from A Chorus Line, but you knew I was a musical nerd.

44. Do you like to sing at all?
Only in the car!

45. Dream Job?
Undetermined as of yet.

46. Where does most of your family live?
Atlanta, GA

47. Are you an only child or do you have siblings?
I'm the older sister of two.

48. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
Not at all.

49. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
Crap when is the next time I can go back to bed?

50. Do you drink?

51. Know any other languages?
Spanish, but only marginally

52. Ever write a coded message?
Does pig Latin count?

53. Have you ever been IN a wedding?
Yup, I was a flower girl at the age of 13. How embarrassing.

54. Do you have any children?
Only the ones I take care of at Minneapolis Kids. Though I feel like they are mine sometimes. I get to leave them at the end of the day and come back refreshed! I don't know how you parents do it!

55. Did you take a nap today?
No. Maybe that was why I was so grumpy?

56. Who has the same birthday as you?
No idea. You can google it though!

57. Ever met anyone famous before?
Not that I can think of now.

58. Do you want to be famous one day?
I want to be an author, but that's about it.

59. Any Pet Peeves?
Mostly insincere people.

60. Are you multitasking right now?
Not really. Though I probably should be.

61. Do you like Brittany Spears?
Absolutely not. Feel sorry for her mostly though.

62. What is your least favorite chore?
Cleaning the toilet is pretty gross.

63. Last place you drove your car?
To work in South Minneapolis, then to an exco class in Powderhorn Park, and back to my Roseville apt.

64. Ever been out of the country?
Yeah, if Mexico and Canada count!

65. Where were you born?
Boyton Beach, FL

66. Could you handle being in the military?
Absolutely not.

67. What is your average cell phone bill?
We pay about $100 for four of us, making my share about $25 for the month.

68. Who are you thinking about right now?
My mom and dad.

69. When was the last time you laughed REALLY hard?
Today when Kieran, a five-year-old, told me I needed to take a shower because I smelled bad.

70. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Five. Boots. Sneakers. Heels. and Two pairs of dress/work flats.

71. Are your toes always painted?

72. How many piercings do you have?
2 in both ears.

73. What are you doing today?
I went to work at Minneapolis Kids, went to an interview at Ann Taylor LOFT on 50th and France, and went to an ExCo community art space class. Tomorrow I go to work again, probably work out, and meet with someone who will tell me about my Myers-Briggs type.

74. Have you ever been gambling?

75. When is the last time you updated your page?

76. Do you like rollercoasters?
Not really.

77. Have you ever been to disneyland or world?
Only the one in Florida.

78. Do you have a favorite cartoon character?
Piglet is cute.

79. Last thing you cooked?
I made pasta this weekend for a pasta salad.

80. How's the weather?
Really nice, but a touch cold for summer.

81. Do you e-mail?

82. What's the stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
Dropped it in the parking lot.

83. Last time you were sick?
Last October, after working two weeks in the infant room at Harding High School. Stupid babies and their germs. I never get sick.

84. What states have you lived in?

85. Do you wish you could move?

86. Do you take all the quizzes?
What's that?

87. What is your dream car?
I don't have one.

88. Have you ever wanted someone you cant have?

89. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?

90. Are you happy with your life?
Only when I'm in a good mood.

This took me over 30 minutes to complete. Is that sad?