Friday, July 3, 2009

I guess I'm doomed in the love department, according to my favorite five-year-old

So we are on the bus to build-a-bear workshop today and the subject of weddings comes up. Annette (another young staff member) mentions that she's going to give her bear to her flower girl in her wedding and Lucy eyes her with approval. Lucy is my favorite five-year-old, and we've been having an ongoing war over where she gets to bury my shoes on the Burroughs playground. I mention, within Lucy's earshot, that Annette's idea is a great one, and this leads Lucy to innocently ask the question dreaded by all single staff that work with young children. I believe the conversation followed in the following way:

Lucy: Ms. J, are you married?

(chuckling) No, not for a while, thank goodness.

Oh. (pauses, clearly taking this information in for further processing, then) Ms. J, do you have a boyfriend then?

Me: (laughing harder) No, Lucy, I don't have a boyfriend. (laughs like a teacher, you know the difference between teacher laughing and real laughing)

Lucy: Of course you don't. Because no one is going to love you if you have sand in your shoes.

Me: (uncontrollably laughing at this point, and rather speechless, thinking to myself "you've got it all figured out kid") but I manage to spit out a "is that so" and move on.

Some kids just have it all figured out. And, I must say, it was rather astute of her to put together the events of several days, with the shoe events taking place over the course of the week, to wrap them all up in one neat and tidy little package. What a kid, right?

Ok, now it's your turn. Spill it readers. What is the funniest thing a child has ever said to you? I want to hear good ones!!!!
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