Thursday, June 26, 2008

I couldn't have said it better...

But then again, maybe it's the confidence that comes with age...who will ever know?

I've been missing NCCC lately

But there's this fabulous thing called the INTERNET that can keep you in touch. I did some blog searching tonight and found this wonderful blog here:

I seriously couldn't have said what I did that year of my life better than he did. Read and enjoy.

Here are some others I found noteworthy as well:

New Campus Info:

More member blogs: (oh how I love reading member blogs...after all, that was me only a few short months ago!)

And we'll finish you off with an AmeriCorps*NCCC team in the media:

NOTE: That team is at the FLORIDA TRAILS ASSOCIATION. (My team's FIRST project!) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a trip down memory lane!

I wonder how much extra their media reps got paid!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A life time of SERVICE

So I had this conversation with a friend this afternoon, and it was hilarious. Inspired by our bitterness for the world and no job prospects, we've come up with a solution to keeping our idea for a creative and innovative business idea. And, I need to keep my commitment to SERVICE America for life. Here goes. Edited for clarity, and occasionally stupidity.

me: I'm so going into business for myself when I have the resources
Mary: a-men!!!

Mary: what kinda business??? prostiution?
me: we should go into business together
you in?
Mary: hell yeah!!!
me: I know a house we can use as a Brothel!
we just need clientele
Mary: really???
me: it would require you to relocate
Mary: ooooh -- i know men,..that could be easy to handle :)

Mary: the colder the better -- we would get more clients that way -- people get itchy for fun in the cold :)
i cant wait to tell the guy i started dating about our new plan :) he knows all about the cat woman status
i even made him listen to the I love you because soundtrack :)
me: hahahahahaha
that's AWESOME
I'm glad you like it
Mary: I LOVE IT!!!!!!
me: yeah
let's go to Cicely alaska
small town
not likely to get caught
or we can stay in Minneapolis
and use PPL's College House
Mary: awesome :)
can we paint the bedrooms racy colors?

me: tutoring program house
slightly immoral
but I"m sick of my moralls
yes please!
Mary: and put mirrors everywhere
heck -- we "technically" are offering a tutoring service in a way :)
me: only if you help paign
ohhhhh good idea!
LMAO here
oh we are servicing alright
we're tutoring
now we need a catchy slogan when I first started americorps up here
the joke was
"What do we do as AmeriCorps members?"
"We SERVICE the community"

me: yeah
so that's it
servicing the community in creative ways
me: so you are IN
now it's time to start recruiting
I have a pretty good network
up here
tired of being broke...
want to make a difference in the life of a lonely man/woman/transvestite?
creative solutions inc...might have the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME FOR YOU
we need a catchy name
serve, unlimited
Mary: HEHhehe :)
me: creative expressions
Mary: we could totally hit on that every guy wants to sleep with a teacher thing
me: express yourself
"Do you want to be TAUGHT?"
hey, I'm shockingly good at this
Mary: How about : Teach Me Something
me: ohhhh good one
Mary: eeee kinda boring -- not scandalous at a time
me: teach me something....racy
teach me something exciting
teach me sex
Mary: you can be the slutty brains behind the busines
me: too explicit
that's funny
Mary: i will work on our list of dervices :)
services i mean :)
12:48 PM me: I can totally play up the virgin thing
men love the idea of seducing a virgin, no?
list of services
Mary: oh totally :)
me: nice
so, I'm workin' on the slogan
Mary: its like a crusade for them :)
me: yes it IS
Mary: i hate to do this, but i gotta run :(
i would love to continue our business plan later though
i will keep brainstorming :)

So that's that. That's my Life After AmeriCorps. Ha!

That giddy feeling, part II

More hair cut photos...Don't you love the ringlet in the middle of my forehead?

That giddy feeling

Brought on by a haircut, yes I said a haircut, at Juut in Uptown Minneapolis. I say that because I was sporting, unaware of course, a mullet. A MULLET, friends, ON ME!?!? How does this happen? I have no idea, but I'm never going six months without a haircut again. I was MORTIFIED. Me, a MULLET? No way. That's OK. It's fixed now, and it's fabulous short, curly hair for summer. Take a look.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I haven't called in 72 hours, and I'm not married.... by default, I must be dead.

Seriously, folks (and by folks, I do mean the parental units):

A word to the wise: I don't HAVE to call every SUNDAY to let you know I'm alive. I am a functioning, healthy, single woman living on my own more than 1,100 miles from my hometown. It goes without saying that I talked to you on Wednesday, therefore, I can go past Sunday without talking to you again. I have no news. I do not want to be REAMED on how I need a job and a mate.

Yes, it kinda sucks that a certain someone lost his first job. However, he will GET OVER IT. Coming from someone who has cared enough and lost oh, I don't know more than two jobs post-college, yes it hurts, but he will get over it. And maybe even learn something. I'm sorry I didn't call. Or maybe I'm not. Why do I have to be sorry. I'm living my own life. My own SINGLE life. That may be difficult for you to comprehend. But it's been workin' for me so far.

I don't need your money. I like that you care. But for God's sake (or maybe someone else's since you don't believe in Him) would it kill you to care on an interval that was less than 48 or even 72 hours long? I'm struggling to make it on my own here, and contrary to popular belief I CAN do it.

You just have to BELIEVE.

And HANG UP the phone.

Thank you.

Your adoring daughter,


Monday, June 23, 2008

Thanks, Emmy!!!

I feel like this today, thanks to my job search. Strangely though, this is comforting...

Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia!

How excited am I for this?
Cheesy? Maybe.
Definitely right up my alley. I will be there July 18.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why do I fall in love with books and not people?

This is the story about some lost girl who wandered into some strange building on Washington Ave. on a nothing-cooking Thursday night to discover an amazing woman reading from her new book. The woman was Patricia Cumbie, and the book was Where People Like Us Live. Really, it should have been nothing spectacular. It's really not unlike a coming of age story with two girls as the heroines, and I am such a sucker for a coming of age story. I was hooked. I bought the book for a price I'm not going to admit here, and was completely sucked into the story of Libby (14 going on 15 looking to find a friend) and vulnerable and sassy Angie, same age but much older due to her life circumstances.

I think what made me like this book even more was the story the author told before reading. This was her first published book, and it comes after something like 18 or so rejections. She originally didn't market it to young adults, and only became successful after she did. She also discovered writing after her first Loft class. I'm taking my first Loft class this summer. So I will be someone someday. Mark my blogging words. I will be the next Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, or Patricia Cumbie all rolled into one. It doesn't matter that I've had nothing happen to me yet. It doesn't matter that no one wants to hear my story. I'll make them listen to it anyway. I'm that good.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer, by the numbers

14 Days left in the month of June, 2008
22 Days left until summer school starts at Nellie Stone Johnson
24 Days left until my writing class begins at the Loft (I'm taking Freelance Writing, Articles and Columns and I'm excited!)
26 Days left until my other Loft workshop starts (I'm taking Journal Workshop, harvesting material from the Journal and I'm even more excited!)

I need to find a job.
I need to find a job.
I need to find a job.

Introspection is a BITCH!

I'm doing more reflecting for my PCA job, and while it's valuable, I'm finding out some things that I'd rather not know. Not now, anyway. For example, I have more DRAINS then FUELS. I suppose that's not a good thing. Take the test, and find out what is Fueling and Draining you.

What’s Draining You?
(Start with 100 pts. Subtract 2 points per item checked.)

_____ There are people in my life who often drain my energy (-2 per person).
_____ I have unreturned phone calls, e-mails, or letters that need to be handled.
_____ I have an unresolved conflict with a family member.
_____ I lack quality friendships in my life.
_____ I feel a void in my life created by the lack of a romantic partner.
_____ There is someone I need to forgive.
_____ There is a relationship I need to end.
_____ There is a phone call I dread making, and it causes me stress.
_____ I’m currently involved in a relationship that compromises my values.
_____ I miss being a part of a loving and supportive community.

_____ My car is in need of cleaning and/or repair.
_____ My wardrobe needs updating and/or alterations.
_____ I’d like to live in a different geographic location.
_____ I have appliances that need repair or upgrading.
_____ My home is not decorated in a way that nourishes me.
_____ My closets and/or basement are cluttered and need to be cleaned.
_____ Repairs need to be done around my home or apartment.
_____ My home is cluttered and disorganized.
_____ I miss having more beauty reflected in my environment.
_____ I watch too much television.

Body, Mind, and Spirit
_____ I eat food that’s not good for me.
_____ Something about my physical appearance bothers me.
_____ It’s been too long since I’ve been to the dentist.
_____ I do not get the sleep I need to feel fully rested.
_____ I’d like to exercise regularly but never seem to find the time.
_____ I have a health concern for which I’ve avoided getting help.
_____ I have emotional needs that consistently go unmet.
_____ There are books that I’d like to read but never seem to find time for.
_____ I lack personal interests that are intellectually stimulating.
_____ I lack a spiritual or religious practice in my life.

_____ I no longer enjoy my job and have a hard time showing up each day.
_____ My work is stressful and leaves me exhausted at the end of the day.
_____ My office is disorganized, my desk is a mess, and I have trouble finding what I need.
_____ I’m avoiding a confrontation or conflict at work.
_____ I tolerate bad behavior from a boss or coworker.
_____ I am not computer literate, and it gets in the way of my productivity.
_____ I lack the proper office equipment that I need to do my job well.
_____ My work does not allow me to express my creativity.
_____ I know I need to delegate specific tasks but am unable to let go of control.
_____ I feel overwhelmed with the amount of information that enters my life in the form of mail, books, magazines, and e-mail.

_____ I have tax returns that are not filed or taxes that are not paid.
_____ I pay my bills late.
_____ I spend more than I earn.
_____ I don’t have a plan for my financial future.
_____ My credit rating is not what I’d like it to be.
_____ I do not have a regular savings plan.
_____ I do not have adequate insurance coverage.
_____ My mortgage rate is high and I need to refinance.
_____ I have debt that needs to be paid off.
_____ My will is not up to date.

What’s Fueling You?
(There are 100 points available. Add 2 points for each item checked to arrive at total.)

_____ I enjoy the company of special friends.
_____ I share my life with a soul mate.
_____ I have a blood family or chosen family with whom I feel close.
_____ I get immense pleasure from spending time with children.
_____ I have a pet that brings me joy and provides me with unconditional love.
_____ I spend time with people who make me laugh.
_____ I am part of a loving and supportive community.
_____ I have relationships that stimulate me intellectually.
_____ I have people I can turn to in times of need.
_____ I have relationships where I feel intimately connected to others.

_____ I have a special “soul nurturing” place in my home for me.
_____ I listen to my favorite music regularly.
_____ I love my sense of style and feel good in the clothes I wear.
_____ I’ve let go of all the “stuff” I no longer need.
_____ I keep fresh flowers in my home and office.
_____ My home is neat, clean, and well organized.
_____ I create beauty around me.
_____ I love the neighborhood I live in.
_____ My bedroom is the perfect place to get a good night’s sleep.
_____ I have at least one room with a beautiful view that I enjoy.

Body, Mind, and Spirit
_____ I exercise regularly.
_____ I have eliminated caffeine from my diet.
_____ I have a way to relax that eliminates stress and keeps me feeling centered.
_____ I eat healthy and nutritious foods.
_____ I care for my body with regular healthcare checkups and bodywork appointments.
_____ Each day I read something inspirational to keep my attitude positive.
_____ I have a spiritual practice that connects me with my Wise Self.
_____ I feel a strong connection to a power greater than myself.
_____ I set aside regular time for solitude and silence.
_____ I have a safe and healthy outlet for my emotional well-being.

_____ I enjoy my work.
_____ My commute is stress free.
_____ I have a mentor who guides and encourages me.
_____ I always take lunch breaks.
_____ I have colleagues who inspire and respect me.
_____ I take mental health days when I need them.
_____ I feel energized at the end of most work days.
_____ My office is a beautiful space that’s well organized and free from distraction.
_____ My work contributes to a larger vision that I have for my life.
_____ My ideas and talents are welcome at work.

_____ I always carry enough cash with me.
_____ I have a system to keep my finances in order, and I know where my money goes.
_____ I am fully insured and protected.
_____ I save money consistently.
_____ My taxes are paid and up to date.
_____ I’ve made smart investments that earn me top dollar.
_____ I enjoy being generous and easily share my wealth.
_____ I pay myself first.
_____ I spend my money on things that I love.
_____ I pay my credit cards in full each month.

From Take Time from Your Life
By Cheryl Richardson

Have you tried this?

I'm out of school for the year and thinking more completely about my other couple of jobs. As a part of the coaching component for my PCA jobs, I'm required to identify my personal life vision. The following assignment is one I have to have to complete by mid-August. However, I have NO idea how to approach this. Not a clue.

Creating a Life Vision

1. Health and Wellness
2. Spiritual Growth
3. Play and Recreation
4. Personal Growth
5. Career
6. Community
7. Relationships
8. Financial
9. Physical Environment

If I could have anything I want in each of these nine areas, what would I want and what would my life look like?

If a genie appeared and granted me three wishes, what would I ask for?

Consider your list. What would you like to do with it? What would be the best first step you could take with the list as a whole or in one of the areas that would launch you toward what you want?

Write reflectively.

Any ideas? I've been so focused on others lately, maybe it will do me some good to focus on myself. But this, like anything else, takes practice! Help!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

You gotta love a woman who goes out with style, grace, and dignity...

"This isn't exactly the party I planned, but I sure love the company." ~Hilary Clinton, in her address resigning the campaign and endorsing Obama as the Dem. candidate

I rarely get political in this space because I can't possibly know enough about politics to make an informed statement. But I just felt I had to mention that this was worth mentioning. I loved her speech resigning the campaign and thought it showed class in a world that has almost gone classless. I found her words inspiring, uplifting, and powerful, to say the least.

See it here:

(I tried to find a transcript...I'll keep looking. I'm sure it's still early in terms of posting one online.)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May Day Madness Part II

May Day Madness

I just harvested the photographic evidence I was there from my camera as I prepare for the last week of school with my kids. Here are a few of the highlights.