Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why do I fall in love with books and not people?

This is the story about some lost girl who wandered into some strange building on Washington Ave. on a nothing-cooking Thursday night to discover an amazing woman reading from her new book. The woman was Patricia Cumbie, and the book was Where People Like Us Live. Really, it should have been nothing spectacular. It's really not unlike a coming of age story with two girls as the heroines, and I am such a sucker for a coming of age story. I was hooked. I bought the book for a price I'm not going to admit here, and was completely sucked into the story of Libby (14 going on 15 looking to find a friend) and vulnerable and sassy Angie, same age but much older due to her life circumstances.

I think what made me like this book even more was the story the author told before reading. This was her first published book, and it comes after something like 18 or so rejections. She originally didn't market it to young adults, and only became successful after she did. She also discovered writing after her first Loft class. I'm taking my first Loft class this summer. So I will be someone someday. Mark my blogging words. I will be the next Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, or Patricia Cumbie all rolled into one. It doesn't matter that I've had nothing happen to me yet. It doesn't matter that no one wants to hear my story. I'll make them listen to it anyway. I'm that good.
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