Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A life time of SERVICE

So I had this conversation with a friend this afternoon, and it was hilarious. Inspired by our bitterness for the world and no job prospects, we've come up with a solution to keeping our idea for a creative and innovative business idea. And, I need to keep my commitment to SERVICE America for life. Here goes. Edited for clarity, and occasionally stupidity.

me: I'm so going into business for myself when I have the resources
Mary: a-men!!!

Mary: what kinda business??? prostiution?
me: we should go into business together
you in?
Mary: hell yeah!!!
me: I know a house we can use as a Brothel!
we just need clientele
Mary: really???
me: it would require you to relocate
Mary: ooooh -- i know men,..that could be easy to handle :)

Mary: the colder the better -- we would get more clients that way -- people get itchy for fun in the cold :)
i cant wait to tell the guy i started dating about our new plan :) he knows all about the cat woman status
i even made him listen to the I love you because soundtrack :)
me: hahahahahaha
that's AWESOME
I'm glad you like it
Mary: I LOVE IT!!!!!!
me: yeah
let's go to Cicely alaska
small town
not likely to get caught
or we can stay in Minneapolis
and use PPL's College House
Mary: awesome :)
can we paint the bedrooms racy colors?

me: tutoring program house
slightly immoral
but I"m sick of my moralls
yes please!
Mary: and put mirrors everywhere
heck -- we "technically" are offering a tutoring service in a way :)
me: only if you help paign
ohhhhh good idea!
LMAO here
oh we are servicing alright
we're tutoring
now we need a catchy slogan when I first started americorps up here
the joke was
"What do we do as AmeriCorps members?"
"We SERVICE the community"

me: yeah
so that's it
servicing the community in creative ways
me: so you are IN
now it's time to start recruiting
I have a pretty good network
up here
tired of being broke...
want to make a difference in the life of a lonely man/woman/transvestite?
creative solutions inc...might have the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME FOR YOU
we need a catchy name
serve, unlimited
Mary: HEHhehe :)
me: creative expressions
Mary: we could totally hit on that every guy wants to sleep with a teacher thing
me: express yourself
"Do you want to be TAUGHT?"
hey, I'm shockingly good at this
Mary: How about : Teach Me Something
me: ohhhh good one
Mary: eeee kinda boring -- not scandalous at a time
me: teach me something....racy
teach me something exciting
teach me sex
Mary: you can be the slutty brains behind the busines
me: too explicit
that's funny
Mary: i will work on our list of dervices :)
services i mean :)
12:48 PM me: I can totally play up the virgin thing
men love the idea of seducing a virgin, no?
list of services
Mary: oh totally :)
me: nice
so, I'm workin' on the slogan
Mary: its like a crusade for them :)
me: yes it IS
Mary: i hate to do this, but i gotta run :(
i would love to continue our business plan later though
i will keep brainstorming :)

So that's that. That's my Life After AmeriCorps. Ha!
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