Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I haven't called in 72 hours, and I'm not married....

...so by default, I must be dead.

Seriously, folks (and by folks, I do mean the parental units):

A word to the wise: I don't HAVE to call every SUNDAY to let you know I'm alive. I am a functioning, healthy, single woman living on my own more than 1,100 miles from my hometown. It goes without saying that I talked to you on Wednesday, therefore, I can go past Sunday without talking to you again. I have no news. I do not want to be REAMED on how I need a job and a mate.

Yes, it kinda sucks that a certain someone lost his first job. However, he will GET OVER IT. Coming from someone who has cared enough and lost oh, I don't know more than two jobs post-college, yes it hurts, but he will get over it. And maybe even learn something. I'm sorry I didn't call. Or maybe I'm not. Why do I have to be sorry. I'm living my own life. My own SINGLE life. That may be difficult for you to comprehend. But it's been workin' for me so far.

I don't need your money. I like that you care. But for God's sake (or maybe someone else's since you don't believe in Him) would it kill you to care on an interval that was less than 48 or even 72 hours long? I'm struggling to make it on my own here, and contrary to popular belief I CAN do it.

You just have to BELIEVE.

And HANG UP the phone.

Thank you.

Your adoring daughter,

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