Monday, June 16, 2008

Have you tried this?

I'm out of school for the year and thinking more completely about my other couple of jobs. As a part of the coaching component for my PCA jobs, I'm required to identify my personal life vision. The following assignment is one I have to have to complete by mid-August. However, I have NO idea how to approach this. Not a clue.

Creating a Life Vision

1. Health and Wellness
2. Spiritual Growth
3. Play and Recreation
4. Personal Growth
5. Career
6. Community
7. Relationships
8. Financial
9. Physical Environment

If I could have anything I want in each of these nine areas, what would I want and what would my life look like?

If a genie appeared and granted me three wishes, what would I ask for?

Consider your list. What would you like to do with it? What would be the best first step you could take with the list as a whole or in one of the areas that would launch you toward what you want?

Write reflectively.

Any ideas? I've been so focused on others lately, maybe it will do me some good to focus on myself. But this, like anything else, takes practice! Help!
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