Sunday, April 12, 2015

More running news

I ran another 10K race yesterday, and will run one again next Saturday. I have to find someway to get some miles in this week. Even if its just a few. But I did do slightly better (by 20 seconds) this year than I did for 10K last year. My 10K time is now 1:17:40 instead of 1:18:04. I'll take it. This is mostly due to my Korean lady friend running me in to the corral and encouraging me on the last .02 miles. I love her. I signed up to do a 10K training program in May/June for the big Peachtree Road Race in July. Hopefully that will bring my time down a little more. I just want to get to the point where I can sustain an eleven minute mile for 6.2 miles. Is that too much to ask? Currently I'm averaging a 12:02/min/mile pace when I do that distance. Maybe even 11:30 min/mile I will take. What have your fitness goals been lately?
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