Friday, February 18, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday...on Saturday

Found this prompt blog surfing this page...I really like her blog!

1. I am passionate about helping people, listening to people, hearing their stories, and generally being a good person.

2. The bravest thing I've ever done was move to South Korea for a year to teach.

3. I feel prettiest when I am wearing make-up, with hair straightened, and wearing some girly clothing. Gloria Steinem would probably hurt me, but hey, that's what I am. Too bad I don't do it that often. LOL.

4. Something that keeps me awake at night is my future, world affairs, and why people are so mean to each other.

5. My favorite meal in the entire world is anything with pasta, a pesto sauce, and some good seafood...

6. The way to my heart is through kindness and Broadway musicals

7. I would like to find a job after Korea that I actually enjoy, go back to school, speak Spanish fluently.
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