Saturday, February 18, 2012


I've noticed that I've been a little negative lately, so here's a dose of positivity for the blog.

Although this week was a tough one, I made it though. I'm currently at work, my residents are in bed, and I'm blogging from my laptop in the dark with wireless internet that WORKS for once. I am proud of my group project success in Voice and Articulation class, my first test (even though my score was a little lower than I wanted) in Anatomy and Physiology, and the fact that I made it through my interview for the program on Friday! Fingers crossed everyone, I find out if I made it in next week. And next week is midterms, which means I have THREE on Wednesday. Though I think I'm ready to take them now and just get them over with! It's not going to stop me from doing trampoline aerobics (also called Skyrobics) and seeing Rose Cousins at Eddie's Attic on Tuesday. Oh the choices we make in almost-grad school land. I was never this irresponsible during undergrad. Maybe that was part of my problem...hmmm.

Tomorrow I have to make it through a day of church with my residents and am going to try a yummy cauliflower casserole out on them! It's cheese and cauliflower and pasta, what's not to love?

I think I'm getting a hang of this being back in the states thing...
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