Friday, May 11, 2012

This is my story: Listen carefully

This is the story of a girl. No, this is the working story of a girl. This is the story of a girl trying to write her own story. No, this is the story of said girl trying to erase some of her past. This girl has had a very weird couple of months. Lots of firsts, lots of changes. Lots of progress with her goals, but a little bit of fun thrown in there too. This girl doesn't know where to go next.
She is supposed to be applying to Master's programs in Speech Language Pathology. Every time she look on ASHA's website, she is confused. Just pick a state, she says to herself. Choose a destiny. How does one even do that. She might as well go ahead and throw a dart at a map blindfolded. And why isn't she in the Peace Corps like she said she'd be this time last year? Because she said it's time to grow up. Get a real life, whatever that means.

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Grad school scares this girl. Oy. This girl will figure it out, and figure out that life is a journey, not a destination. This girl needs to learn how to enjoy the bumpy ride she calls life.
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