Saturday, October 19, 2013

Homecoming and other Oklahoma State fun

I am 9 weeks into my Oklahoma State experience, and I am having a blast. Not only with my graduate studies, but with my extended family as well. Everyone is so friendly here. I seem to have been befriended (and maybe unofficially adopted) by an Australian family that live here, and I am quite pleased to spend my weekends with them. They are so different, so spectacular, that they are almost the life I want for my future family. I had so much fun doing walk-around with the four of them, and the same fun tailgating and homecoming-gaming with them today too. They are so fun and welcoming to be with and I am really missing home now. I have about 6 weeks until I fly home for Thanksgiving, but plenty of work to do before then. I have about 60 pages to read about phonological processing disorders for clinic and after about 10 of them I realized one thing: I do not want to do articulation therapy with the pre-school population. It is just not where my heart is. I love pre-schoolers, and I really believe that this population will work through their language issues before they join school. I have seen way to many hypochondriac parents this semester that just make me want to scream, "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR CHILD." Just let them be a child. They don't need therapy. I don't want to land in the school of therapists that say that they do just so I can collect a paycheck. That maybe my early childhood background talking.
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