Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm home for Thanksgiving Break, 2007

And I'm not in the mood for holiday shopping. I never am, really. Lines make me crabby. People make me crabby. Spending money makes me crabbier. But I still need to find gifts at a relatively low cost for everyone on my list this year. I'm compiling a list of online shopping sites I can look at whenever the shopping bug hits me. My goal is to have my holiday shopping done for under $300 by December 10th. We'll see how it works out. Since not meeting my NaNoWriMo goals this month, I don't have an incredible track record going for goals. But this is different. I will accomplish this one. Here's the link list I have so far. Thanks forums!

Of course, there's always the all-encompassing!

For the shoe lover on my list, there's
Revolve Clothing seems cool too
Accessories galore!
Another clothing site
There's always bluefly, an old standard
More bargains
Book deals galore!
Still more bargains
If you do the eBay thing
I love Old Navy!
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