Sunday, May 18, 2008

What I'm loving now!

Northern Exposure oh how I love thee! I’ve been Netflixing this older than dirt show and realizing how much I really missed out on when this show was on the air. With every episode I realize just how much this show tries (successfully) to capture the heartbreak and joy that is real life. The reason, I believe I am so drawn to it is because it mirrors my life to a T.
It wasn’t too long ago that I was Dr. Joel Flieschmann, a teacher in the strange land of Minneapolis, MN. It wasn’t too long ago that a strange bout of circumstances brought me here. It wasn’t too long ago that I declared I hated it and wanted to leave but it was sooner still that I decided to stay and might even be working at the same school!
I see a bit of myself in every character. Maggie (Janeane Turner), the feisty refuse-to-settle strong female pilot, or Shelley, the dumb blonde that wants so much to know what she wants or where she belongs.
I even see a bit of myself in the male characters. There’s Maurice, a retired NASA astronaut who moved to the 49th state after failing to live up to his family’s expectations that he join the military. (I suspect there’s a little bit of not wanting to live in the shadow of the younger brother naval captain.) There’s also Ed, the native that bounces around aimlessly looking for nothing more than a good time on the outside but is incredibly complex beyond words inside and wants secretly to know more about his roots and heritage. I can even relate to Holling and his story a little bit. The never feeling good enough and always wanting more and finally getting the girl (Shelley) is a lovely side story.
Then, of course there is Chris, played by none other than the lovely John Corbett. Everything this man is in I love, and that’s partially because I have a slight schoolgirl crush and partly because this man is just plain TALENTED!
Stay tuned…more to come!
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