Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I should be sleeping, but I'm applying for jobs

I just completed the bulk of the Minnesota Reading Corps application. Yes, you read that correctly. I just applied for a THIRD year of service with AmeriCorps. Minnesota Reading Corps has a sweet Family Educator opportunity with St. Paul Public Schools. Go LITERACY, go SERVICE!!! Woo Hoo! Before you go all judgmental (MOM and DAD) it's a perfect opportunity for me to get my feet wet in the field of Literacy Professional Development in schools. The type of position I want with a school district is really tough to obtain without much experience, and I think that this opportunity will allow me to gain exactly the experience I'm looking for. I would be setting up family literacy nights, coordinating events with schools and school staff, and working with a literacy coach (the exact position I am aiming for) to do this. It seems like the perfect fit for me right now. It would just mean taking a service stipend for the third year in a row, and picking up another job (which I have with Minneapolis Kids) and working crazy 60+ hour weeks. Which, in all honesty, I would do any way. Leave me alone and let me make my own decisions career-wise. This is what I want to do. Here's to hoping the position isn't filled by the time I finish the essays.

1. Explain your reasons for applying to serve in Minnesota Reading Corps. Why do you want to commit the next year of your life to this program?

I just did, now I have to make it sound good.

2. Describe your experience working with children, particularly any experience you have that is related to literacy.

How much do you want? I can figure out how to word 10 years in a paragraph, right?

3. Describe how you have reached out to help others and / or how you have been involved in your community. What motivated you to become involved in your community?

Only the story of my life here...what should I say? I love this stuff. Do you think that's good enough? :)
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