Monday, February 8, 2010

If you read this blog regularly... know by now that I am a very big fan of the blog PostSecret.

Very simple concept. People, much like me and you, too afraid to share their true feelings in public, will write it down in an artful way on the back of a postcard and very often in a uniquely artistic manner. Very clever. It is most often the highlight of my week, quite honestly.

Especially this week. Secrets were late being posted this week (they are usually up by Sunday midnight by were delayed due to the storm on the East coast) and I almost panicked when I saw they hadn't been posted by noon today. When I got back from my card-making event and (reluctantly) watching the Stupid Bowl, I was very excited to see a host of great secrets posted.

The first one is the one I identify most with tonight (and this winter).

I also love that not only does the site contain this secret today, which I could have written and the girl in the photo could have easily been me, but at the very end of the secrets this week, this secret popped up, almost as a conclusion to the first one. Very clever again, and I could have written this one too.

There is hope for all of us misplaced southerners! Hang in there. What do you do when you are feeling down about the weather?
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