Monday, February 1, 2010

I was unaware Austraila had such a problem with the stuff...

Reading one of my favorite blogs on the Interwebs, I came across this article tonight.

Australia’s “FebFast” – No Drinking For The Month

by Caren on February 1, 2010

glass with red slashAustralia has a drinking problem, reports an article in the The Sydney Morning Herald. And the Australian government is quite worried about alcohol consumption among its young people, and cites shocking statistics revealing that in an average week, four people under 25 die due to alcohol-related injuries.

In an effort to raise awareness and curb the drinking tide, a number of no-booze campaigns and fund-raisers–FebFast, Dry July and Ocsober–have surfaced in recent years.

Tomorrow begins the third annual FebFast, a charity challenge inviting participants to “give up the grog” for the next 28 days. Through their national education, awareness and fundraising campaign, FebFast organizers are aiming to lessen the impact of alcohol and drugs by inviting people to kick their drinking habit during February, simultaneously raising money to support youth alcohol and other drug services.australia

Over the last two years, FebFast has inspired more than 3,500 people to take up the month-long challenge. And collectively, they have raised more than $700,000 to support their cause.

 The money raised from the last two campaigns has been shared by 13 organizations around Australia. 

Proceeds from the 2010 registration and fundraising efforts will be shared amongst the Australian Drug Foundation (that operates nationally), YSAS (the Youth Substance Abuse Service) in Victoria, The Ted Noffs Foundation in NSW and the ACT, Mater Hospital’s Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Service in Queensland and FebFast’s grants program for smaller grass-roots organizations.

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