Friday, May 14, 2010

The good thing is...

...the Atlanta Koreans did not lose my passport like they said they did.

*me doing happy dance*

Lesson Learned: Don't hand it over unattached to anything. (It was on the floor of the consulate office in downtown Atlanta.)

Here's the order of things before departure:

1. Consulate interview May 18th in Atlanta.
2. Get Passport back
3. Get Visa May 20 (if all goes well...keeping my fingers crossed here!)
4. Depart: May 21st! (again, if all goes well with visa process--my director wants me to arrive by May 22nd--Yikes!)
5. Post updates with lots of pictures.

P.S. Don't ask how my Korean is coming. I hate the Korean language. I'll be fine when I'm over there immersed in it, right?
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