Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random things I know NOW

1. Koreans take an hour and a half for lunch. At least the ones at the Korean Consulate in Atlanta do. Seriously? NO ONE in the office at 1:20pm? How much effort does it take to process VISA paperwork anyway? When I finally did get there and turn in my paperwork, I get laughed at by the slight woman behind the glass after telling her it's my first time going to Korea. Nicely done. I guess I can expect a lot of this in the weeks to come. Also, they got my appointment wrong and I have to go back next Tuesday for my interview. Fabulous. Glad they have a whole week to check me out and make sure I'm not a criminal entering their country. Good grief.

2. I forgot how humid it was in the south. Seriously. The air just. sits. here. Moisture and all. Minneapolis has really spoiled me with its breezy and mild temperatures. I miss that. I miss being able to walk out to get my mail without sweating my face off.

3. It takes a freaking long time to go from Chicago to Atlanta. And I never want to do it in one day again. I suppose though, that it was worth it. Chicago is a really pretty city by the water, and BILLY ELLIOT was awesome to see at the Ford Theater for $25. Seriously, "limited view" seats are the way to go. They seat you fairly close to the front and side, and you really aren't that "limited" in what you see at all. Good deal.
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