Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Retrospective: My Last 5 Years

I received a message from a dear NCCC teammate and it got me thinking. We spend all of these moments criticizing and judging ourselves for what we don't do it's hard to remember that we are actually DOING important things with our lives. In times of transition I find it hard to keep all of that in perspective. It might help for a minute if I take sometime to list the accomplishments I have achieved since that tremendous year.

So here goes: things I've done since 2007

1. Moved to a new city, in a new region, completed 1700 additional hours of service with City of Lakes AmeriCorps in my field.

2. Managed to land a job in said new town and stay there for two more years.

3. Completed additional license coursework for my Reading Specialist License for K-12.

4. Took the GRE.

5. Survived 3 Minnesota winters

6. Managed to loosen up about making and maintaining friendships, made some excellent friends.

7. Managed to do first six items while battling and managing anxiety and depression.

8. Taught OVERSEAS!!!

9. Started the Peace Corps application

So it may not be an impressive list to some, but it's pretty awesome to me. Just thought I'd share. I need to keep somethings in perspective.

What have you done in the last five years that you are proud of?
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