Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flashback Tuesday, on a Wednesday early AM

I posted this on my Tumblr site a while ago, while still in Korea and realized I never posted it here, so here goes. I thought it was worth the re-post.

Mix Tape 2011

A message board I post on did this thread and I thought I’d post it here. If you had to make a mix tape for this year, and were limited to 8 songs on each side, what songs would be included. I had a hard time coming up with mine, so I used my “most played” function on iTunes. Here are mine.

What are yours?

Side 1

1. Someone Else’s Life — Joshua Radin

2. Closer to Fine — Indigo Girls

3. Can’t Go Back Now — The Weepies

4. Keep Breathing — Ingrid Michaelson

5. Paperweight — Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk (Last Kiss Soundtrack)

6. Sooner or Later — Michael Tolcher

7. I am a Rock — Simon and Garfunkel

8. Shelter from the Storm — Bob Dylan

Side 2

1. Big Yellow Taxi — Joni Mitchell

2. Leaving on a Jet Plane — Peter, Paul, and Mary

3. Electricity — Elton John (from the Billy Elliot musical)

4. Waiting on My Real Life to Begin and Beautiful World — Colin Hay

5. Perfect Girl — Sarah McLachlan

6. Something There — Walt Disney Company (Beauty and the Beast)

7. For Good — From Wicked

8. Two Nobodies in New York —From [Title of Show] musical
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