Friday, June 29, 2012

A blast from the past post

A journal entry from January 17, 2006 Margaret Walker house. Mainly painting and sanding but did learn how to texturize ceilings. Old lady brigade take 2. Virginia and Indiana teams of volunteers. A lot of standing around. Interesting conversation with Janet about teaching. She told me about her nervous breakdown/battle w/depression through ten years of teaching high school French. I talked about my classroom experience and ended up telling her way more than I wanted to. She just seemed like a good listening ear at the time. Sweet woman. And we all know how women tend to flock in my direction. Is it because I am really them in my body? Do I really act like a 45-50-year old woman? I should hope not, but you really never know. I don't relate well with may people, much less people my age. But it seems as though the older women love me as a volunteer. I wonder why that is?
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