Monday, December 17, 2012

Interesting Day

In attempt to be a little more open about my life, my dating world, and who I am, I will post the following:

Went to my “church” for service and social hour. I use the word church loosely. I love this congregation and all it stands for simply because it’s a non-churchy church that lets me believe what I WANT TO BELIEVE about God and/or His/Her existence. I love the people and their attitudes too. Always this overwhelming sense of positivity throughout the congregation. Can’t wait to sing for the Christmas pageant and generally do happy things with music. I also discovered a new hymn which I absolutely love and will post about in a later post.

After church I made a Target run, whipped up a bunch of Christmas crack chex mix for game night at same church, talked to one of my OKCupid matches on the phone (a first for us, as we’d previously been texting and it was the first actual voice-on-voice contact) and we were both very shy about the whole experience but warmed up fast and had a great conversation for 45 minutes before I had to meet another OKCupid match for coffee and conversation. The second match “date” was more of a conversation date, and we mostly talked about food in America and how bad it is for you and how the food industry in America is corrupt. He works at Whole Foods, has a Master’s degree in Accounting from DeVry and is originally from Morocco with a thick accent and a sore throat today. He lectured me on the health benefits of loose tea and why Whole Foods is a great company to work for. Two facts of which were previously known to me. Still, not writing him off yet, just not a lot of chemistry there initially. Way more chemistry with phone dude, as he’s been texting me all night.

Went to game night with the UUs and as always, had a fabulous time. These are MY people, from what I discovered over the past few months. I learned a complicated game with trains and learned that I’m bad at it, but had a good time anyway.

Also learned that every single UU is apparently on OKCupid, and took someone home and got roped into picking up her friend’s drunk boyfriend in Virgina Highlands. Reinforced the fact that I really need to practice saying no to people.

Didn’t get home until way after 10pm, and talked with someone else on OKCupid who I consider to be a good friend at best, as he will never make a long term partner due to his belief that Jesus Christ will save my soul. But he’s good to talk to and I enjoy the company of the men on the Internet, apparently.

I sit here and type this, realizing that I take the GRE on Wednesday and I JUST DON’T CARE how I do. It just doesn’t matter anymore. I will get into grad school somewhere, when the time is right. I’d like to not be living at home anymore, and I’d like for the Holidays to be over. I don’t want to go to work and make food for my 89-year-old deaf-as-a-stone client. But such is life. I will continue to muddle on.

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