Friday, May 17, 2013

This is what my Friday looks like

Every since I dropped my morning client a month ago for an English language teaching job in Gwinnett county I have had Fridays off. Yes, that is correct. I pick up the occasional companionship case with my company but for the most part my Fridays are free. Which means Thursdays are my Fridays. Last night Cameron joined Renee and I for trivia at North River Tavern and we sucked, but we had fun and drank beer. :) I stayed the night, woke up this morning and did some grocery shopping for the weekend and got some lesson planning done. Then, I went for a four-mile run down to one my favorite Sandy Springs park and encountered this:

Does this or does this not look like a postcard? Who knew there were such pristine places in Atlanta? I spent my entire high school years, college years and beyond hating my hometown. Is it true that being in a relationship you actually like can change your mood that much? I have re-discovered how much I love running again (yay runner's high!) and just how gorgeous this town can be. Can you say shoot me now? Have be come one of THOSE women? One of those women I hated in college and in my twenties? And yet, I find myself leaving again. I always leave at the moment when I start to feel settled. But this time it's for my own good. For my education, for my personal growth.

I can come back in a year and a half if I choose to as well. But for now I think I chose to enjoy the moment. Enjoy the summer, enjoy the boy, enjoy the job, and enjoy the peace. :)
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