Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Originally written 3/14/04

So I'm staring at my box of Crayola crayons tonight, wondering what color to use next, when the thought comes to me that certain colors that get absolutely no use whatsoever. Their points are as clear and sharp as the day they popped out of the crayon machine at the Crayola factory. I wonder if the crayons that don't get used every get their feelings hurt? I mean, there's your rasberry red and your robin's egg blue that are worn down to flat tips, and then there is your burnt sienna and apricot and melon and peach and salmon that are precise and sharp, even if your box is more than 2 years old. Why is that these colors are shunned by coloring fanatics world wide? Could it be crayon racism? Or Crayon prejudice rather? Colorism would be a better word for it I guess, or bias of the colored kind. Or not. But do you tink the apricots and the sepias of the box feel inadequate because they don't get used like the others? I imagine that they feel self-conscious sticking head and shoulders above the others. Like an overgrown girl at a seventh grade dance. But when it comes right down to it those are the colors no one, or at least me, would never dream of using. They just aren't as satisfying as the other colors.....(12:30 pm) 
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