Friday, September 6, 2013


I need a beer.
Today was the day from hell.
I do think I need to calm down.
You think that this mind can't generate thoughts of its own?
I do think I'm way too imaginative for my own good.
I think that my favorite thing to do is browse Pinterest.
It would get old after a while.
I am being challenged.
I don't think that I can ever be taken serious.
I would never bring a two year old to a 3.5 hour class.
Problem-solving skills are a little lacking here.
Find a sitter.
Find daycare.
Do your best, but I am doing my best.
I think that confidence is king.
Be what you are
Say what you do
Feel good about yourself
Love yourself
These things make me happy.
That sounds so shallow.
It's 9pm and I am in bed.
Friday is my crash and burn night.
I need a beer, but I need a nap more.
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