Sunday, November 17, 2013

Less than two weeks before Thanksgiving

Don't tell me that. Seriously.

Because I will slack. Big time.

I am watching Bye Bye Birdie on TV currently. It's 1:25 am on a Sunday Morning.

I have spent the last 10 hours reading, analyzing language, SALTING, and reading my VOICE DISORDERS TEXTBOOK. I think I have deserved a change to veg out, but no, I have been setting up a blog for my ECE students and their children's lit reviews.

I long to be in Atlanta with family and Cameron's family, but I am here. Two weeks and I will be celebrating. But until then I deal. With life. ECE folks that will change the world. Speech therapy that will separate us from the animals. OK State Speech therapy will save the world. One child/adult at a time. And I am a small part of it. Love you all!

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