Thursday, April 10, 2014

This is what I do when I'm waiting for class to start at OSU TULSA

The gerontology department at University of Oklahoma – Tulsa Campus is obviously having trouble drumming up students, and are recruiting like mad on campus. They have students tabling below the spot where I chose to study today and I couldn’t bear the resemblance to a recent Disney song.

22-year-old gerontology major, probably a senior:

Do you wanna study aging?
Come on, let’s go have fun.
Our department is full of funding
All we need is you
It’s like no one cares.

We used to have the students
But now we don’t
I wish someone would explain!

Do you wanna study aging?
(It doesn’t have to be in a nursing home.)

18-year-old male jock:

No, not interested

Senior major:

Ok, bye.

New student approaches

22-year-old gerontology major:

Do you wanna study aging?
I know you really do.
I think old people are really neat
You should come and try it out

I used to be really good at this
But now I’m not.
Everyone just wants to go to the gym.
(Yeah, I’m talking to you!)

It get’s a little lonely
Just me and Esther
…playing the final round of rummy

18-year-old jock

They’re just dying anyway!
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