Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thought I'd post a comment on a friend's wall from earlier.

I'm with Sonja. I received this with multiple reactions, mostly positive, and yes, I just saw the movie over Spring Break. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and holding shit in for years, I found the song incredibly liberating and identified with Elsa immensely (even though my bf will persist I'm an Anna). Sure this song happens at the beginning of her journey. She's scared shitless of letting her powers be seen, as its a sign of weakness. She breaks through, establishes a kingdom/empire, and is lonely, reaches out and eventually finds true love in the form of her sister, one of the most powerful loves in all of society. Not really sure what I'm saying, but I appreciated the "nothing's perfect" element that Disney/Pixar hasn't shown us before. I look at this as a fantastic piece of musical genius that shows us all that the true fun of life is in the journey, no matter how painful that may be.

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