Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday night

I enjoy walking dogs. I really do. Especially if it means i hit 10K steps at 11pm.

I also enjoy manicures and pedicures with massage chairs.

I did both this Saturday and it felt glorious. I also packed all of my textbooks and resource manuals for the upcoming move.

I enjoyed that too.

I think I enjoy change way too much. Tomorrow I have to focus on clothing and organization. I don't enjoy that at all, but I know there will be some that I will have to give to charity/goodwill. That I will enjoy. I'm in this weird limbo now. It's weird having no class/clinic to do for a month. It's weird living life at a slower pace than normal. I cooked pasta tonight and know that I should not eat pasta but enjoyed it immensely.

Weight watchers commences tomorrow. I'm back up at my pre-weightwatchers weight and I'm not happy about it.

Training for my 10K commences this week or next. I've been way too konked out on allergy and stomach medication to do it this month, but I know I must. July 4th I really am running the Peachtree road race for the first time ever and I am stoked.

I get to see Cameron May 30th and we are driving back to GA June 1.

I think I am taking a summer course called Alternative and Augmentative Communication starting June 8th and I get to witness Valerie and Luke tie the knot spiritually on July 19th.

It's going to be a full summer and I can't wait.

October proves to be another wedding month as well.

I continue to learn and grow. In all ways.

Stay tuned. I'm exhausted. :)

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