Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reading Teacher Interviews (continued...)

And to be quite honest, they probably will continue for all of the summer...

I interviewed with my current school district for the Middle School Reading Teacher position and was asked the following questions:

1. Tell us why you are a good candidate for this position.

2. Describe the characteristics of an effective Middle School Reading Teacher (Coach.)

3. How have you been able to raise achievement in your classroom, grade level, or school?

4. What kind of assessments would you use to guide reading instruction?

5. Explain the role of talk in comprehension.

6. What strategies would be important in getting adolescent struggling readers engaged in reading? How do you get adolescent, reluctant readers hooked on books?

7. How would you collaborate with content teachers to help them get struggling readers be successful with text in their classrooms?

8. Tell about a time you have worked effectively with a resistant staff member or colleague?

9. What would you expect to see in a building as evidence that the school was moving toward an anti-racist model of education?

Do you have any questions for us?

I passed the screening interview, by some grace of God. How would you answer the following questions?

Update: I had my first school interview at Northeast Middle School today. I think I did relatively well. I am aware there are tons of thousands of candidates for this position out there. It sounds like my dream teaching position. 15-20 students on the caseload, lots of support, and total freedom to explore the curriculum. Nothing but reading instruction. If I don't get the position, there will be plenty of others, I'm keeping my attitude positive at this point. There will be other positions. I just need to start proving to myself that I am worthy of one of them!
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