Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Generally Tuesday Before Chusuok

Why we needed to drive an hour to play four field games and eat lunch is beyond me, but so is everything else in this country, so I will go with it.

It has dawned on me that I haven't updated this blog with work and teaching-related Korea things in quite sometime. It's the week before Chusuok here, which is the week-long harvest festival holiday in this country. Koreans have described it to me to be their version of Thanksgiving, where all families gather in one small space to be together and do family things. Mostly bicker. No, I'm only kidding. But I'm sure some negativity happens when family is together, as it is like any family gathering in the states.

Work wise, that means I have a light load this week. We had a field trip today (described above as generally the most pointless trip ever) but I will go with it because it's one less (no, actually four less) classes I have to teach. Friday will be the same shinanigans, as we have a celebration for my morning kindergarten planned. And by planned, I mean planned by Korean teachers and we show up to speak English and pretend we are running the show when we really don't have a clue. That's how they want it. And by they, I mean my boss. Stay tuned for kids in traditional Hanbok robes. It will be adorable, or so I am told. In many ways this has been the easiest teaching gig I've ever had, and in many ways it's been the most difficult. But more on that later.

Next week I will teach MONDAY, and by teach I mean review content from last week and pray the little darlings retain some ENGRISH/KONGLISH over the holiday week-long break. Did I mention I get a WEEK OFF? Yeah, stoked about that one. Don't quite know what I'm going to do yet, because I didn't get my act in gear to plan anything far enough in advance. Because this is the one holiday where people all over the country MOVE, all train fares are booked solid for the entire week. So I plan to stick around Seoul and explore, and maybe do a temple stay just outside of Seoul. Stay tuned for photos.

But generally things are going well. Kids are generally well-behaved and eager to learn, and did I mention cute? I could do with a little more social life outside of work, but that will come. I have only been here for FOUR MONTHS, and as I type that, I can't believe that September 30 will mark my FOUR MONTH Koreaversary. And yes folks, I just made that up right here because I am that awesome.

Feel free to comment with anything else you care to know about this note, or anything you think I missed commenting about. I'm all out of ideas and motivation to write. Later.

Hope everyone is well who is reading this. Keep in touch and drop me an email. I miss all of you!
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