Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm Rediscovering Some Songs from a Talented Lady...

...that got me through college. Her name is Cosy Sheridan, and she's a folk singer that verbalizes every thought I've ever had that I've never been able to express. She's got some great songs. Here's one of my favorites that's been on my mind a lot recently.


I lock the door. I turn off the porch light
I unplug the phone for the night
It's best when there's no one in sight
When you dance the Introvert Waltz

I dance fast and then I dance slow round the kitchen table
Past the cupboard to the stove
It's strictly a one-woman-show
When I dance the Introvert Waltz

Call me shy. Call my proud
Tell me how life is best when it's lived out loud
I get lonely in a crowd
That's why I dance
The Introvert Waltz

For some I hear the party is bliss all night revels are hard to resist
They're mystified if you might like it like this
If you dance the Introvert Waltz
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