Saturday, October 2, 2010

For months, we joked...

We joked about what the initials of the school I work for stand for.

For those that don't know, I work for a school called "JM English."

For months we've called it Jesus Magic English in a mocking tone. Never once did I take this seriously. I knew the owners are uber-Christians. It never bothered me and still really doesn't. I just think it's ironic, even funny.

Today I had discussion before a movie with one of my Korean co-workers and learned, that yes, in ALL SERIOUSNESS, the J.M. in JM English stands for "Jesus Miracle." No joke. I didn't know what to say. OK then.

Here I am, the Jew girl turned Unitarian hippie turned confused, working for Jesus Miracle English Hogwon in Seoul, South Korea.

My life HAS taken a turn, has it not? We all go on this bumpy ride we call life, and this is not a turn I thought my life would take, but I am here. For better or for worse. Let me enjoy some of it.
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