Sunday, November 21, 2010

One of the things I like about weekends

Aside from getting out of the city, is catching up on pod casts and generally tuning the world out. And I know this next sentence will make me out to be my parents or a similar middle-aged woman, but I have really enjoyed listening to Terri Gross's Fresh Air podcast. The way she interviews just about anyone is incredible. This weekend I happened across her interview of Jay-Z, the hip hop artist from the ghetto and it blew me away. Never being a true hip fan and to be honest, kinda blowing off the whole genre of music to begin with, this interview totally changed my perspective on the artist, and the music. It's worth a read and a listen.

And the Hard Knocked Life video is worth a watch as well. This is what I do with my weekends in Korea. Does this make me a forty-year-old woman? If it does, who cares? I am who I am. LOL.

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