Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another one where I have no original thought whatsoever: LOL.

You know you want to play!

1. What color are your eyes? Some have told me green, some have said blue. It's your call.

2. How tall are you? 5'7 on a good day

3. What are you most afraid of? Spending eternity trying to figure out what truly makes me happy...and mediocrity...LOL. I don't know. I hate this question.

4. Do you play an instrument? Studied piano for ten years up until college when I no longer had access to a piano, played flute through high school in band, and I'm a pretty serious recorder player (beyond fifth grade)

5. What is your favorite physical feature ( on yourself)? I hate this question too. I don't really like anything about myself, but I suppose people have said I have some pretty good legs, hee hee, and of course there's that Jewish nose. LOL.

6. Goal you would like to achieve this year? Ha! I stopped having goals when I stopped achieving goals. Perhaps that's my problem. I would like to finally become fluent in Spanish, and maybe I should work on my positive attitude on a more frequent basis. But let's not fool ourselves. My first goal is to get out of KOREA already. Six more months. Six more months.

7. What are your favorite clothing stores? I really like KOHL's and Target. I'm not into spending lots of $$$$$$$ on clothes.

8. Favorite vacation? Outer Banks when I was 14 was pretty awesome. Family and beach and chill time pretty much rocked. All those trips to Jekyll Island and Tybee Island and Savannah rank right up there to. I'm not picky. Give me a beach and a week I'm good.

9. What are you most looking forward to this holiday season? My trip to Jeju Island south of Korea for three days.

10. When was the last time you went swimming in a pool? A month before I left for Korea, so seven months ago at the YMCA in Shoreview, MN. I used to love to go swimming when I belonged to a gym.

11. Do you speak any other languages? Spanish but I wouldn't call my self fluent by any means anymore. And some choice words in Korean, but my Korean is about as good as a dog's English.

12. What is your least favorite chore? Oh god. I hate all of them. This is tough. I hate laundry, and cleaning the bathroom, but I HAVE to have a clean bathroom. And doing dishes. My apartment is pretty much a shit hole all the time.

13. Do you get regular manicures and pedicures? I like pedicures when it's sandal season, but only once in a very long while. I'm too cheap for regular pedis. If I did my nails they would be messed up the next day, I use my hands way too much.

14. What was the last thing you cooked? Rice and curry sauce for dinner tonight

15. What states have you lived in? Georgia, Minnesota, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arizona, California, and very briefly in Florida right after I was born
(or so I'm told.)
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