Sunday, December 19, 2010

Between a rock and a hard place

I update this evening from Korea, naturally, way to late/early to be updating, but this is my usual Sunday night I can't sleep routine, so take it for what it is. I have a headache the size of this country, and no pharmacies are open until business hours tomorrow. This is partly what is causing my lack of sleep. Also, as I tried to calm my headache by taking a hot shower (which was actually a lukewarm shower) due to the powers that be hating me right now, I discovered that my drain no longer drains. Son of a b#^&*. So here I sit, with an inch and a half of water in my entire bathroom (I hate Korean bathrooms being the whole room). To make matters worse, I know what caused the drain clog. It's my damn rabbit. I can no longer keep him in the balcony storage area during the day any more because it's so cold he would freeze. So where does he go? In the bathroom. Fair enough. Except I think his hair that she sheds everywhere must have clogged the shower drain. Son of a b^&*# I'm not allowed to have pets in my apartment. So what do I tell my landlord/supervisor? That I was only pet-sitting? Surely that story will fall flat when they find out the sheer volume of hair that clogged the drain. I can't go on like this anymore...I just want to shower in a clean bathroom that doesn't have water everywhere. I just want out of this blasted country. On the positive side, I did get to see the Nutcracker today, and it was just as I remembered it, only with Korean dancers, which kind of reminded me of the March of the Siamese children scene in the King and I for a while. I'm sure that makes me a horrible voice of racism for saying so. So, happy holidays from this tired gal. Good night.
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