Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well, it happened: I'm officially out of Korea

While it did feel slightly liberating to leave my old workplace less than a week ago knowing I'd never return to see any of those people ever again, part of me is a little sad at the passing of an era. Another chapter of my life closed. Done. Finished. Written. It almost makes me want to start the writing of that book. You know, the one where I write down all of the chapters of my life and retell why they were such a good idea and why they changed my life. Or maybe not.

Fact is, Korea did change me. I know I will never be the same again. I just can't put it exactly into words how it did so. When I get there, I will let it go. I'm not really sure what comes next, hell, I'm not even over the time change. I've been home, in my parents' home, less than a week and already I'm getting restless. Need something new. Not really sure I know what that "new" is. Oh wait, I've said that before.

I need to look for a job. A temporary one. One to keep the cash coming in so the savings doesn't dwindle. I need to apply for grad school. Somewhere. Anywhere. I've narrowed it down to three potential fields I'm not sure I'm ready to share with the world wide InterWebs just yet.

If anyone wants to leave advice for adjusting to "reverse culture shock" leave me a comment. I'm sure I will respond eventually. I'm up for road trips in the state of GA and out, if anyone reading this is up for that, send a comment that way too.
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