Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ok, kids: Lesson of the Day time

Today's lesson of the day is about SSRIs, anti-depression medications. They are a little white pill (mine is white) you take to make yourself calmer, less stressed out, and generally give you more feel-good chemicals for the brain. The lesson really is about not taking them. The problem with anxiety and depression is that the medication slowly makes you feel better to the point where you feel like you don't need to take these anymore. And then you stop taking them. When I say you, I mean I. And then you stop taking them, feel better for about six weeks, and BAM. It hits you. Antidepressant withdrawl.

And let me tell you.

Antidepressant withdrawl is a major bitch. Especially this week. I thought I had the flu. I thought there was a problem with my thyroid. I thought I needed to stop drinking the two beers I have a week. I thought I might be preggers. It was some scary shit. Turns out, the BF C looks at my bottle and goes "You filled this in April of this year and you have how many left?

There is something not right about this." True, I have trouble remembering to take my meds. And the bitch about mild anxiety is that you can still get up and be a somewhat normal human being, go to work, and carry out other adult relationships. Until you can't. Monday I came home from work and took a nap until C got home and I was so out of it I didn't know what time it was. I had been sleeping for five hours. So researching the symptoms for antidepressant withdrawl, they were identical to what I was experiencing this week: anything from flu symptoms, nausea, extreme fatigue, spaciness, light-headedness, and dizzyness. And I had all of these at some point. So I have to be better about taking my meds.

No wonder I didn't make major progress with the weight-loss this week. Didn't gain much, about a half of a pound, but this week I basically came home and slept after work everyday. I was a sloth. That is not like me. I didn't eat much, because that's a side effect of antidepressant withdrawl too, appetite loss. I am usually the kind of person that likes to go for a run after work and see what other kind of social activity I can get into later. I didn't feel like trivia, I didn't feel like running, I just felt like sitting, and that feels awful.

Thank god C has some experience with SSRIs because I had no idea what hit me. He saw the symptoms right away (since we are basically living together now) and noticed the thing with the bottle and was able to piece things together. But yeah, back on the weight loss wagon this week.

Peace out kids,

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