Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weight, summer, and more

So I haven't been completely open about my Weight Watchers joining two months ago, but I suppose I can report it's going pretty well. I always thought I'd never have to join a dumb program like that, that I can do it myself, but hey, sometimes we all need a little bit of help. I was getting up to a number on the scale that was just in my scary zone and had no idea what to do.

It's easy to do now that it is summer and there ar fresh fruits and veggies everywhere,  but the Georgia summer heat makes it impossible to want to exercise. I swear some days I feel like I just want to curl up and an ice box and hibernate until, say, October. Funny since I complained about nothing but the cold when I lived in Minnesota. I wonder what the weather will be like in Oklahoma, if it will be quite so extreme as the two places I've lived the longest in my life.

But I was pleased with a 0.6 lb loss this week, considering my weekend food choices haven't been the best. I like weight watchers because you can eat just about anything you want, and you can have a beer or three on the weekend as long as you don't get carried away and move more later in the week. It's all about portion control and planning your meals, which is really hard for me to do. And mindfulness. Mindfulness is not something I've always done around eating. It's a new set of skills, I tell you.

I actually really like this idea and may end up making one of my own:

I was proud of my 0.6 lb loss this week because it brings my total loss to 8.2 lbs down in 2 months. That's roughly a pound a week. Which is what you are supposed to do for healthy weight loss and for maintenance's sake. So I suppose that is a positive in my week. We will forget that I am celebrating with a glass of wine tonight, but that's OK because it's totally allowed and I budgeted for it with my points.

My mom always likes to say that a pound is equal to a stick of butter when I complain about not feeling that difference. So in essence, I have lost 8 sticks of butter. That sounds a lot better, doesn't it?

My clothes are fitting a little better too. I can get into some grey slacks that were hard to get into two months ago. I also feel like I'm running faster and stronger than before the weigh loss. So there's that. I am doing a couch-to-5K training program with the help of an app on my phone and have gotten up to 2 miles again! Feels great. Not only that, but I am getting back to my old pace, which is 10 min for a mile or faster. I actually saw my pace hit 9.45 per mile yesterday, which feels great. I haven't done that since my junior year of HIGH SCHOOL. :) (I was thirty pounds lighter then than I am now, so I only have room to improve from where I am now.)

Please let me not end up here:

The program likes to chart milestones in terms of % body weight lost. I'm frustrated that I've been 2 lbs away from 5% for two weeks, but I have to realize that it will come off eventually and I just have to be patient and not focus so much on instant gratification. I'm bad with that, but aren't we all? I love the weight watchers community too. So supportive and non-judgmental.

So here it is, the weight-loss post. I'll check in from time to time about this. But I want be a part of the community and blogging seems to be a way to do it. To keep me honest and accountable. Welcome to my journey.

I'll leave you with this image because it's a good thing to end on. :)

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