Friday, October 10, 2014

More people watching

Maybe I don't get out much. But I find people watching at airports incredibly interesting. I'm sitting in a cafe/bar area, eating lunch and grabbing a drink before my next flight in two and a half hours. A man and a woman walk in and sit down at the other side of my long table. The waitress comes over and assume they are a couple and takes their order. The woman is the first to scream "We're not together!" As the man takes a deep breath. She feels awkward now. She orders a sandwich and chips, he orders nachos and a salad. Both order beers. She tries to make him feel better by making small talk. "So why are you in Dallas?" "Conference" "What do you do? Where are you from?" He answers something I didn't understand, but he's a teacher here giving a speech at a conference. She's from Colorado Springs visiting friends. I was rooting for them to go further. Neither had a wedding band on either finger. Do you like to people watch? What was the last conversation you overheard?
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