Friday, March 14, 2008

This week was the last week’s rehearsal before the performance for family and friends. I felt it went well. I was still shaking, but in a good way. I was energized, and I wasn’t thinking about how silly I looked in my character. I ran through my monologue THREE times on stage. The first time was by myself. The second time the teacher motioned for one of the other participants in the class to get on stage with me, so I can pretend I was talking to her instead of to myself. That went better, seeing as how my monologue has me talking to someone. The third time I did with that same woman on stage with me, but my teacher said that I should pretend I’m moving toward her instead of moving away. That was more awkward. I know that as a person I tend to move away from people in real life, so getting closer to someone on stage was as hard as it was in real life. It was a good exercise in forgetting about my audience and just doing it. We shall see how the final performance goes next week. Everyone reading this is invited.
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