Monday, March 31, 2008

Car issues

Hello spring break! I'm sitting here in the waiting room of Auto Glass Repair in St. Paul waiting for my window to be fixed. I drove over here in the SNOW with no window and my garbage bag makeshift window flapping in the wind. What a fun ride, let me tell you. I did my research though, and this was the cheapest place in the twin cities.$221 dollars and a couple hours later, my car will once again have a window for this lovely spring snow shower we seem to be having right now. This weekend was kind of a bust as well. I spent all Saturday trying to find a place to fix it, and Sunday doing research online. I watched my netflix movies (cheers episodes) and read my library books. And in a few hours I will head off to the career fair in Minneapolis with Abby and Sathiya from work. What a fabulous start to Spring and April. Woo hoo!
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