Sunday, March 9, 2008

Miss Potter

I just watched this this weekend and realized that I AM Miss Beatrix Potter. And I love her. The woman didn't marry until she was over 36. She lived at home for most of her single life and dedicated herself to her work, which included writing and illustrating her children's book series. Her characters were her friends, and she was proud of them. She told herself and her fans that she would never marry, and when she did decide to, the love of her life found her by accident, as a business proposition. She was forbidden to marry him until she spent a summer away to make sure she truly wanted to marry "below her class." When the love of her life DIED that summer, she swore to herself and her parents from then on that she would do only what she desired to do and she moved out with her book profits. That's my kind of girl. She did find love again, but only after finding herself and dedicating her life to the conservation of farm land. She was a true inspiration to females everywhere!
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