Saturday, August 2, 2008

Casual Observation

It's really hard to motivate oneself to get anything else done when working part time, particularly the job I'm working now. This summer has been a complete bust in terms of my writing, and also in terms of my fitness goals. I never know when I'm going to work, so I'm always on call for that, and I'm not even working 20 hours a week! I just sit around, read, watch TV, fool around online, send out a few resumes and cover letters and wait to work. It's pathetic! I can't wait until fall starts so at least I have a steady schedule.

I was much more productive when I was working 50-hour weeks in terms of writing and fitness.

I knew when I had to work, and I went to work out after work. I was also at the same location everyday, and I realized that makes a difference. All of this is helping me figure out what it is I actually do want when it comes to finding a real, live job! (Which will hopefully unfold in the coming weeks, as schools start back for the fall.) There's nothing much else to this post, just some reflecting going on. I also am living in a garbage dump of a room as I make the transition from my current house to College House. I feel like I'm embark upon the Real World live as I will be sharing space with FIVE females. FIVE. And ONE bathroom, ONE fridge. Stay tuned for updates, this should be interesting.
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