Saturday, August 23, 2008

Combatting Death in the Bedroom, 20-something style

In a few days, I will be moved in and a full-resident of College Village House. I am excited about this, but a little fearful since I will effectively be living as a college undergraduate again. That's right: I will be 26 years old and live with a roommate. As in, share my room with another individual. This is something I haven't done since (excluding my AmeriCorps*NCCC days) since my junior year at UGA. It will be an adjustment, but I have faith in myself and by roommate A, so I think everything will work out.

Aside from the LOFT factor. Part of the sharing room experience includes taking my spot on the top of an IKEA loft that has yet to be cut down. This means that when I put my mattress on the loft, I am only about 12 inches from the ceiling of my room. This is flashing me back to all shades of freshman year in room 665 of Creswell Hall. I sit up, and I risk Traumatic Brain Injury by Ceiling Fan. I will post pictures soon. No joke. As far as I can see though, if I can avoid brain damage, I can be successful here. I love that will not be living with tiny tots any more, and more with people my age. I love that I will be making a difference in my community and doing something that I love to do, which is tutoring and playing with children on my terms, not ALL THE TIME like in my current situation.

I love that I am starting a grad program in Reading Education at Hamline University after Labor Day. And I love that I have yet to find a job. (Seriously, the freedom is amazing.) But the lack of cash is starting to get old. I've yet to get my accomplishment post up, and that's coming. I promise. Until then, it's off to pack. Since I have nothing else to do and need to get the hell outta dodge today. Laters.
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