Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grieving the loss of a job is still grieving...

...And I realized tonight that I am in quite a unique stage of the process.

Take the following conversation I had over g-chat with a former roommate:

Jess: woowoo! me neither! ugh. unemployment

ugh is right. it sucks. I skills people. mad skills.
realize that. and embrace it. and payment would be nice.

Jess: haha. you are funny tonight did you take drugs?

me: hahaha I resent that. the implication that I need drugs to be funny. LOL but it's funny. I am a funny person

Jess: i just meant you seem different than usual yes, i do agree. you have some humor skills. Add that to your resume.

I can do this! I am awesome. Hire me. Give me purpose.
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